Outfitting || 4 Ways to Style a Trench

I love wearing a trench coat. For years, I had a red Michael Kors one, which Sam always identified as my “signature” Amanda look. You can spot it in several posts. When it got a bit old and worn, I upgraded to a classic khaki trench that you’ve seen in this post. Owning a trench is the ultimate “it will never go out of fashion” piece, and you can wear it with just about anything. And even though many people (myself included) have pinned many a picture of the class Burberry look, you can get a great trench without breaking the bank. Jack Wills has some great women’s trench coat options in at the moment, for one. 

My favourite thing about my trench coat is that you can literally wear it with anything. So you don’t even really need to worry about how to style a trench coat in the “correct” way. So to prove just how versatile and chic it can be, today I wanted to show you 4 ways to style a trench.


The look you might wear to the office or to a lunch meeting; chic and understated, but always elegant.

My trench tip: Tie your trench off, but don’t button it. So that it leaves a gap showing your beautiful top underneath. 


The soft pastel look you might save for an afternoon tea with the girls, a night out at the ballet or even a nice date night dinner. 

My trench tip: Leave your trench wide open: unbuttoned and un-cinched. 

romantic trench


This is probably closest to the way I go to work, because I don’t need to dress up, particularly. By keeping it simple you can walk the line between casual-cool and underdressed in most situations. 

My trench tip: Do up your middle trench button, cinch in the waist with the tie, and loop it into a classic trench knot. 

minimal trench



This look is definitely most similar to what I wear on the weekends. It’s perfect for a relaxed brunch or stroll though a local market. 

My trench tip: When you are wearing a relaxed look with a trench, make sure to roll the trench sleeves up, but keep the jacket hanging loose. 

relaxed trench

Do you own a trench coat? Or is it a fashion item that you can live without? 

***This post was a collaboration with a brand, but all opinions are forever my own! ***

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  • I love the relaxed look, you can really do a lot with a trench coat! X

    Everything But The Kitchen

  • I love the romantic and relaxed looks. I really need to buy a trench coat but I’ve never found the perfect fit and I want to make it an investment piece.

    Debbie x

    • The relaxed look is probably my favourite look!

      Years ago I got my Kors in a crazy sample sale. I loved it because it was a super bold red, and the only reason why I had to give it up last year is because I wore it so much that the red had faded to a bit orangey. My current one is from ASOS, and to be honest, I’m really impressed with the quality so far! I’ve only had it for a year but I’m hopefully that there’s actually a fair bit of longevity in it! x

  • I love all these looks, Amanda! I think I’d go with Minimal for the weekday and Relaxed for the weekend – such a great edit! I’m currently looking for a more relaxed shape trench … I have one already but am feeling a little meh about it, so I might hit up eBay. Hehe!

  • Love these looks Amanda, I totally love wearing a trench coat throughout all of the seasons! I definitely go for the relaxed look with a pair of converse in the Spring! x

    Kayleigh |

  • Ooe these are some really stunning looks!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • The minimal is definitely my favorite, especially with a khaki trench! I stupidly left mine back in the States and have been especially missing it since autumn or so… it adds SO much to an outfit! I always associate with living in the big city though (no idea why) so it might take some getting used to wearing it around here…

    • You could totally rock it though! But now that you say it, I kind of associate them with cities too! Subliminal SATC influence, maybe? x

      • Haha! You are totally right!!! Absolute SATC subliminal influence!

  • I love this! I think that the relaxed look is my favorite (since that is what I normally wear, minus the trench). Also – I don’t think that I’ve ever worn a trench coat before! But I love them so I might need to get myself one.

    • It’s my middle range coat – between my winter parka and my denim jacket for times when I can’t just wear around my rain coat 😉 (Haha, basically, I always need something to keep me dry in England!) x

  • A trench coat is definitely something I really want in my wardrobe, and I used to have a dark purple one, but that’s definitely not so me a stone or khaki one is needed I think! Alice xxx

    • You could definitely pull off a really vibrant colour like green in a trench! You have the right colouring for it! xx

  • I REALLY would love a good trench coat added to my wardrobe – one for all seasons if that’s possible!
    Great post lovely!
    Holly xx BLOG:

  • Lauren Rellis

    I love all of these!!! xx

  • Sophie

    Loooove these! I bought a really classic beige trench from M&S last autumn and actually have barely worn it (mostly because I’ve been bundled up in coats since then) so I really needed some inspiration for what to put it with! Love the relaxed weekend look but I’m going to have to start wearing it to work too I think.
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • I’ve been wearing mine lately on top of, like, two jumpers because I packed away my parka far too early. (I was sick of the sight of it, as I was with most of my winter clothes!) Trench coats look super chic at work, I think! x