30 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Turn 30

I am turning the big 2-9 this year. In fact, my birthday is next Monday. (Hooray for Bank Holiday birthdays!) I keep teasing Sam that I’m now the age that he was when I met him and way back then, I thought he was super old. At the moment, I’m not feeling any particular pressure about turning 30 next year, but maybe I’ll feel differently as the clock ticks down on my 20s.

Here are 30 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Turn 30:

>>> Prioritise skincare above any other beauty spend. 
>>> Spend as much time out in the sunshine as humanly possible.
>>>  Be better at saying no, cut out toxic friendships and curate the positive people in my life. (So many pinterest buzzwords there, right?!) 
>>> Bring the number of countries that I’ve visited up to 20. Right now I have (England, France, Wales, Scotland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, Thailand. So 12. 13 if I count the USA) 8 countries in a year is doable right? 
>>> Go for a spa weekend.
>>> Finally get my super cute daschund that I’ve already named Harold. 
>>> To have plants in every room and not have to rely on Sam to take care of them because previously I have killed all things. 
>>> Edit down my wardrobe till it’s nearly capsule sized and I’ve developed my own “uniform” (It’s nearly there, to be honest!) 
>>> Pass the life in the UK test in preparation for my Indefinite Leave to Remain application.
>>> Go camping. 

>>> Go on a roadtrip around the Scottish Highlands. 
>>> Swap out fast-fashion for fewer clothes, but higher quality.
>>> Get into the habit of drinking more water. And whilst we are at it, eating less sugar. 
>>> Reach 10k on Instagram. (I’m only fluttering around 3100 at the moment so it’s a bit of a stretch)
>>> Invest in my own camera instead of borrowing Sam’s equipment whenever it suits me. Also a Go-pro to make more videos.
>>> To go freelance full time. 
>>> Finally take Sam to New Mexico.
>>> To run a marathon (depending on how the Great North Run goes in September…) 
>>> Re-learn my French.
>>> Buy a house? (Though this one is a bit of a pipe dream.)

>>> Eat at 5 Michelin star restaurants. 
>>> Make more Yorkshire-based friends. 
>>> Stop criticising my body. And love it for all the amazing things it does.
>>> Have a girl’s weekend abroad. 
>>> Continue to read as many books as possible 
>>> Volunteer somewhere.
>>> Stop overthinking everything. 
>>> Focus on the positivity and try to stay courteous and kind: leave jealousy behind in my twenties.
>>> Stop comparing myself to others. 
>>> Be a better pen pal to my friends and family that live on other sides of the world: reach out first before waiting from them to make the first move. 

What are you going to try to accomplish before you’re 30? Or if you’re already past it, what’s the best part about being in your thirties so far? 

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  • Great list!!!
    Spa weekend from you in York – maybe try RIbby Hall spa (it’s great value for a really lovely spa) in the north west!
    Good luck with the list!

  • Great list! Can I be one of those Yorkshire-based pals? πŸ˜‰

    Sophie Cliff

    • Ummm…… let me think…… YES!!!! I’m actually shocked we haven’t met up yet! But I know that your life is crazy right now with the wedding led up but let me know when you’re free! And I’ve been on a press trip with Beverley before so we all need to hang out! xx

  • This is a great list! I’m well into my thirties and I think the best part is caring less about what other people think of me – it’s a great feeling.

  • This is awesome, I hope you able to tick of some of these goals

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • I have been in 8 countries in a year before, but I live within driving/train distance of many countries. From the UK it might be more difficult.

    I cried on my 30th birthday, but then I was both unmarried and childless, and I basically felt like I was failing at life. You’ve already achieved so much (AND got married) so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    • I hope you still don’t feel like that!!!! You’ve done so much! Marriage is just a piece of paper – you and Jan already have the love! x

      • I’m actually not that bothered about getting married now – which is probably a good thing since I doubt we ever will (unless Brexit forces us to). I will forever regret not having kids sooner though x

  • Who’d have thought you were nearly 30! (though 29 is still miles off!!) I reckon you could tick off all of these, easy! πŸ˜‰ Also, I’ve always wanted a dachshund called Frank, but Adam’s strongly against getting a dog he feels he can’t walk with (why ever couldn’t he walk with a sausage dog I don’t know!!) so instead frank is going to be a wire fox terrier! My aim before 30 (and I’ve got a few years) is to move into our new house permanently (which will therefore involve getting a new job), get married, get Frank, go on an elaborate holiday, see lots more countries, go to Glastonbury, fly in a hot air balloon/helicopter and MAYBE have a baby- we’ll see ehh?! P.S please can we combine camping and sunshine and go on a girls weekend that maybe also involves a Michelin star restaurant?! Alice xxx

    • Combining camping and sunshine and go on a girls weekend that maybe also involves a Michelin star restaurant is definitely a plan! Yes!

      I like fox terriers, they are sweet. Though I still think Adam could walk a sausage dog πŸ˜‰ x

      • Totally I reckon he could, but it’s me that really wants a dog and so he gets to choose the breed, and he wants one that doesn’t shed so a little tri-colour wirey friend will be our choice when i actually move down! xxx

  • So many good goals!! I bet you can knock out a few of ’em, for sure! My favorite is “Stop criticising my body. And love it for all the amazing things it does” — it makes me extremely.uncomfortable. when I hear people criticizing their own bodies, I dunno. Like, “what must you think of ME, then!” haha! I always think back to what my high school drama teacher said: “never apologise for yourself”.

    • Thats such a good motto. I’d like to apologise less in general – I’m such people pleaser that it stresses me out and I’d like to give fewer fΒ£#ks in my 30s. x

  • You can definitely hit 8 more countries!!! I still have yet to go on a road trip through the Scottish Highlands…even though I lived in Scotland!!! I’m also with you on reaching 10K on Instagram and finally going freelance πŸ™‚ You can do this!!! xo

  • great goals! I’m 33 now, don’t feel any wiser:) but I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin:)

    • If that’s the only thing from this list that I could accomplish, it would still be totally worth it! x

  • A great list! Definitely many of them on my list too, especially the ones about body and self positivity! My wardrobe is so limited because I stopped shopping for clothes ages ago, that I am now actually in the process of starting to build my wardrobe by only buying things that suit and complement other items, whilst finding my style.
    A road trip in Scottish Highlands is an amazing plan! I did it last summer and loved it. It’s so beautiful and there are so many things to see πŸ™‚


    • How long did you take for your road trip? Did you blog about it? I’d love to see your itinerary! x

      • We took 4 days, but it can be done in a day if you want to rush it. We wanted to have time to enjoy the place. We stayed in a little cottage near Ben Nevis from where it was easy to travel where ever we wanted as everything is relatively close. A couple hour drive in different directions. I wrote about our itinerary here: and about other stuff here: But I definitely want to go again as there is still so much to see! I am happy to share any other tips with you as well when you are going on the trip πŸ™‚

  • Laura Torninoja

    Ahhh, so many lovely things I’d like to do too! One thing I definitely need to learn is the overthinking thing – it’s the worst isn’t it?! Let me know when you figure it out – I need tips! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • I’m excited to see you start ticking things off!

  • I really hope that you’ll be able to do all of the things from this list and even more. Good luck! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • I’m hustling to accomplish a few last things on my 30×30 list in the next few weeks. June 8th approaches quickly!

    Aloe is hard to kill. I’ve killed a few other houseplants, but my aloe is going strong!

    Duolingo helped me brush up on my French before our trip to Paris last year.

    • We have loads of plants in our house, included supposedly impossible to kill succulents, but I still manage to do them so really harm when they are solely under my care. Luckily, Sam has a really green thumb and has nursed many a plant back from the edge. (With the exception being an orchid that I murdered, not even he could fix that one!) x

  • I am in my 40s (oh, the shock and horror. How did that happen?) and I have to say, the 30s are great. I would take it over the 20s any day. I felt much more confident and secure which, coming from a painfully shy person, was a huge accomplishment. There is a lot to be said for being comfortable with who you are. However, if you figure out how to stop overthinking please, let me know how it is done. I am the queen of overthinking.

    I am currently dreaming of a road trip around the Scottish Highlands. If you go on one I can live vicariously through you.

    • No shock horror at all! Sam’s approaching his late 30s so we are getting ready to plan his 40th in a few years time πŸ˜‰ If I ever crack overthinking, I’ll be sure to let you know! x

  • Enjoy being 29 would be the most important thing………………………….

  • YES TO SKIN CARE!!!! When I hit my mid-20s that’s the one thing that stuck with me over anything. I can’t wait for you to accomplish all these, particularly having HAROLD! =)

    • Fingers crossed! If I get Harold, I’d let you snuggle him anytime you were in York πŸ˜‰ x

  • I feel like the most important thing on this list is the dog named Harold. πŸ™‚ Happy early birthday! Enjoy your last weekend as a 28-year-old!

  • Some amazing goals and I wish you all the best in achieving them! First, I gotta highlight my exclamative ‘yes!’ to the skin care thing. Completely agree! I’ve started prioritising this recently – after being made to feel really shitty at a facial when i told the girl I don’t wash my face daily…anyhow – and I like how it feels like a little treat every time I use my products. Two, love the name of your future dog! Harold is perfect! I’ve also picked the names of my future dogs. And 8 countries in a year is *kinda* feasible haha I’m at 13 like you and I have two years left and I hoped to make it to 30 but I need to be realistic…

    • I was really lucky when I was younger in that I had really good skin and could wash it with anything and be totally fine. But I feel like that lack of care could come back to bite me as I age so I need to get on the proper skincare bandwagon before it’s too late! I don’t think my travel goals are in any way realistic but it gives me something to aim for! X

      • Yes I’m the same, always managed to do nothing, but need to get a handle on it as well before it’s too late!

  • These are such positive goals babe!!

  • Happy belated birthday! It was your golden birthday, 29 on 29, was it not? I entered the 30s 2 years ago, and it really isn’t such a big deal. Love your list! I like the editing your wardrobe. I will try to do the same this summer as I’m moving out of my parents’ home.

    GoPros are great! I got mine secondhand in October when I was still in London from someone who listed it on Gumtree. I was lucky that he only used it on one trip, and was selling it because the new version was coming out and he was upgrading.

    • Thanks! It was indeed my Golden Birthday!

      That’s actually a really good idea- I hadn’t thought to check Gumtree-I’ll start stalking posts! X

  • Jenn Sie

    happy birthday (belated)!

  • Hope you had a happy birthday! And I would add: sunscreen. Makes all the difference in the world with that skin care regimen.

  • Dana

    I know this is super belated but I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday! It’s been a pleasure to follow your journey for all these years (almost a decade!?) You rock; don’t ever change. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you! x

    • Thank you so so much Dana! It’s been a delight getting to know you through all these years! X