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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe that it’s already May? And it’s been a very cold May so far too. May is usually my favourite month as it’s my birthday month. I mentioned it the other day on instagram, but I was struck down with my millionth cold of the year. I have no idea what’s up with my immune system. I asked for any immune booster tips then but if you have any good ones please leave me a comment letting me know! 

10 Things That Made Me Happy

>>> It’s a truly golden age for TV at the moment. “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “American Gods” are both compulsory tv, they are so addictive. And “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” season 12 was just put on Netflix. Not to mention the latest season of RuPaul.

>>>We had friends come stay with us in York over the first May Bank Holiday weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. We had such a good time that I was exhausted by the time the work week started again on the Tuesday.

>>>If any of you get the IceLolly newsletter, you’ll have seen that I am getting to go with them to Benidorm next weekend. I’m so thrilled, that I can’t wait. You can follow along by keeping on eye on #VisitBenidorm and #BeniLovers . 

>>>Brockmans Gin sent me a bottle to sample and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I honestly wasn’t a massive gin person before this but now I am a convert and want a Brockmans bottle in my home at all times. 

>>> Sam and I went to Hedben Bridge, Heptonstall and Haworth last weekend. We wanted to do the big Bronte country hike and it was so worth it. We ended up getting in 12 miles on Saturday so I slept like a baby. We also visited Sylvia Plath’s grave whilst we were in Heptonstall and I was moved to tears. 

>>> My first newsletter came out with little to no technical difficulties! I was a bit nervous when I queued it up, but I’m so happy that I bit the bullet and finally wrote one! If you missed out, you can sign up for future newsletters here

>>> Sam takes his driving test next week, so please keep your fingers crossed for him! A very kind family member actually just donated us their old car so we’ve the insurance switch over and all the paperwork is now in Sam’s name. We just need him to legally be able to drive it. And then many roadtrip adventures await! 

>>> I passed 3k followers on instagram. It’s a really small milestone for a lot of bloggers but it means a lot to me. 

>>> My best friend from university got engaged and I was so honoured to get such a happy Skype call from the glowing couple! She was actually a bridesmaid in our wedding, so I can’t wait to now get to see her walk down the aisle. 

>>> I had to bake two gluten-free recipes to bring to work this week and the brownies that I made were awesome. Honestly. I might prefer them to my flour based brownie recipe. (It’s probably because I put loads more butter and chocolate in them.) 

What made you happy this week? And what do you have planned for this weekend? Sam’s dad is in town so we have family activities galore planned!

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  • Ah those brownies sound amazing!! I always try and cram in as much chocolate as the mixture can hold ahaha. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through May either, where is 2017 going?! And I do love a nice long hike, 12 miles is awesome! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

  • NatalieLeanne

    Good luck to Sam for the driving test! Can’t wait to see your holiday pictures πŸ™‚ xx


  • Cheers to a fellow May baby! May is already a good month, but it does make things a little sweeter, doesn’t it! πŸ˜‰

  • Dude, I can’t wait to dive into both The Handmaid’s Tale and American Gods!! Great collage!!


    • Oh man. They are both so good yet totally different. I’m not sure which one I’m enjoying more to be honest- it’s too hard to pick! x

  • I can’t wait to see the Handmaid’s Tale! I loved the book and really looking forward to seeing the tv-show. The brownies sound amazing! Have a good weekend!


  • Ooooh are you going to do a gluten free cake recipe?! I’d really like to see The Handmaid’s Tale too, what channel was it on? Also massive good luck to Samuel, really hope he passes!! Alice xxx


    • I may be naughtily watching it online because it doesn’t have a UK premier date yet. But it’s so good that it’s worth it! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    Oh, those brownies sound delish! Good luck for Sam’s driving test!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • 受教了!呡呡!

  • Congrats to Sam for passing (saw you mentioned it on Twitter!), so I look forward to seeing you guys soon on your way to the Highlands πŸ˜‰