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I have long been a fan of wearing flats over heels. In fact, through the years I’ve narrowed my stiletto collection down to zero. That’s right. Zero. I have some beautiful heeled clogs and espadrilles and a few pairs of fun kitten heels but no sky high heels. I don’t care if they make your bum look great, they aren’t comfortable and I don’t want to wear them. 

Luckily, flats these days are just as pretty and fun as heels. I was thrilled to jump on the embroidery train with this super cute pair of Kurt Geiger opal black flats. I chose this pair because they were so different. The only perfect descriptive word that I could think of for this is opulent. But if these don’t quite take your fancy, they have many more pairs of gorgeous slippers and sliders for sale this season. The quality is brilliant, and like with every other pair of Kurt Geiger shoes that I’ve ever worn, they didn’t really need breaking in to be comfortable. I swear so readily by the quality of Kurt Geiger that I bought Sam a pair of Geiger brogues for his wedding day shoes. (That he still wears to this day, and never broke in before the wedding and finished the night with nary a blister in sight!) 

Because I don’t really wear heels, I thought these shoes would be perfect for a date night. And when you have such a pair of statement shoes, you have to let them speak for the rest of your outfit. So everything else I wore that evening was quite clean and simple so that my shoes could do all the talking. I paired it with my ever trusty jeans, and my favourite “going-out” shirt from Selected Femme. In general, I’ve having a massive love-affair with the brand “Selected Femme”. They are a Danish company whose aesthetic is rooted in pared-down elegance with a Scandinavian twist. 

c/o Kurt Geiger Opal Black Flats  || Jeans || Top || Lipstick || Bag

Do you have any statement shoes? If not, what would your perfect pair of date night shoes look like? 

The shoes were gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions in today’s post are forever my own. 

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  • Oooh, I love them. I can’t do heels any more either. (Almost had a typo there and wrote “hells” – are Freudian typos a thing?!) I also detest kitten heels though coz they’re annoying to speed walk in. I’m a big fan of the wedge when I need a little extra height and I don’t wanna sink in the grass at weddings πŸ˜‰

    • Heels are hell. So your subconscious was just speaking the truth. All terrible women’s clothing that is hell was a) invented by men and b) only around to convince us that it’s sexier. Case in point: stilettos and underwire bras x

  • These are gorgeous! I do so adore flats…

  • I can’t wear flats or shoes with pointy toes

  • I love them on you!!! I too have narrowed down my heels to near zero. I have my wedding heels on a shelf as they’re pretty, and a few low heeled sandals, but that’s it! I cannot walk in them so I got rid and have not looked back! I should invest in some more snazzy flats like yours!
    Holly xx

    • I have a pair of Swedish clog-type shoes that have a bit of a heel whilst still feeling like flats for times when I really feel like I need a bit of something. I honestly swear by them and am prepared to buy them in every colour! x