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It’s still on the nippy side here in York. We had one glorious weekend before the weather took a prompt nosedive toward the frigid though it’s been slowly rising again. But no matter what the weather is actually like, I insist on packing away my winter clothes at the end of March and dress as though I’m welcoming in spring no matter what.

Physically, this has led me to suffer from the cold in the past, but psychologically it’s exactly what I need after a long winter. I like all my coats, don’t get me wrong. But around mid-January I always feel as though I never want to see them again.

So it might have been a tad anticipatory to venture out of the house in the ultimate spring attire (bare legs and exposed toes) but I couldn’t help it. I’m also having a love affair with these clogs at the moment. They were hell to break in but they are my favourite shoe now. 

It might surprise you to hear that I haven’t yet grown tired of my bob. Even though I’m usually itching for a major hair change at least once a month, I’ve felt fairly satisfied since I took the cut shorter. Maybe it will be my new look? I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s a cool bob, not the practical mom chop that mothers tend to get after their first kid. 

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Sometimes after a long winter, a girl just has to kick off her shoes and prance around through a field of daffodils. 

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  • Cute dress! And I’m really into clogs right now as well. It still isn’t warm enough here for anything bare, but I think it is meant to be 60 on Saturday!

    • We’ve had one properly warm day, the rest has been fluttering around mid 50s, low 60s on a push! x

  • That dress is just gorgeous and these photos are lush as always! x

    Sophie Cliff

  • DEFINITELY not a mum cut, I think it really suits you! I’m with you about coats, I’m so..SO over wearing mine. I’m over the cold weather, I have a collection of cute dresses that need to be worn! I’ll try it this week, wearing Spring clothes and ignoring the weather! (which tbh, is always going to be terrible, because Britain)

    • If only weather could be controlled with collective wishing, right? And thank you so much! It’s been a few weeks now but I’m still in two minds about the cut. Some days I absolutely love it and never want to grow my hair out again and on others I’m scared that it’s frumpy. x

  • Love the pictures of you in the flower fields!

  • Amanda!!!! you absolute beauty, these are some of my favourite photos of you ever! You look so lovely amongst the daffs! Your hair is so enviable too, it makes me really want to chop mine shorter! Alice xxx

    • You are way too kind and I am absolutely blushing. I love your hair and I think the length is really perfect on you! I know it’s your natural colour, but I’m so envious of it. It has such a beautiful hue where as mine tends towards a fairly yuck dark dirty blonde on it’s own. x

      • Do you dye your hair to keep it darker brown? It just so suits you, and makes me want to change up my style (like you, I like to frequently make changes else I get bored!) xxx

        • I do dye it darker (L’oreal chocolate brown shade – straight from the box, lol) But I’ve actually been to lazy to dye it in a few months so I’m starting to get some tufts of mousy coloured hair, especially around the edges of my ears!

  • Such a sweet dress Amanda!! And those daffodils #swoon

    • You need to come stay with us soon so that we can frolic through fields of daffodils together! x

  • NatalieLeanne

    You look gorgeous πŸ™‚ xx

  • pretty photos in the daffodils field:)

  • amelia may

    Such lovely uplifting photos! Xx A beautiful look too!

    Best wishes . . .
    Keep Calm and start writing ~

  • Laura Torninoja

    What a beautiful dress! Everything in this post looks so summery – I love it! We had that one glorious weekend here in London too, but now it’s just WAY too grey. Fingers and toes crossed it will get better soon! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • It’s been sunny here the past few days and the weather would be perfect if it wasn’t for a really icy wind – so close! Hopefully we’ll both get some proper warmth soon! x

  • What a lovely post Amanda! All I want to do now is walk in a field amongst all the daffodils in the sunshine! Lovely dress, looks so pretty πŸ™‚ x

    Kayleigh |

    • Haha thanks Kayleigh! Hopefully, I put a bit of spring overload into everyone’s feed πŸ˜‰ x

  • That dress is STUNNING on you! Gorgeous photos!!

  • You are too cute! I love your hair! I’ve always wanted a cute bob like this, but I don’t have enough hair to pull it off. I’ve got on my entire head what you have in fringe, so it would never work. πŸ˜‰ Totally understand about the need to put away the winter clothes as soon as spring arrives – I’ve always been the same!

    • You have gorgeous hair so don’t cut it! Hopefully we’ll have some spring-like weather from here on out, right?! xx

  • Your hair, that dress and these pictures! What a combo. Such a springalicious look. Beautiful.

    T x

  • I’m still loving the short hair!

  • Miu

    Those daffodils! <3

  • Diana Maria

    These photos are so stunning, you look so genuinely happy and that dress is very flattering! I love the bob, it looks great on you so I would keep it as well!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • Obviously York and Edinburgh aren’t very far from each other, but I’ve been enjoying the warm days (on and off) but realising I have trust issues so I actually haven’t really taken any of my summer stuff out yet πŸ™