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Spring has been nibbling on our heels here in York, but I wouldn’t say that it’s kicked off in full-swing yet. There’ve been about 2 days that I’ve been able to go outside without a jacket and they were glorious, but the rest have still been fairly chilly. 

The thing that I love about these trousers is that they are super comfortable and they dress down really well. They look smart but they feel as if they are made of jogging bottom material on the inside. They are infinitely more comfortable than jeans and it’s one of the reasons why I am a big proponent of segueing trousers from your 9-5 wardrobe to the weekend. 

There are some really beautiful wide-leg trousers out there but personally, I prefer either the cigarette leg look or just a more slightly tapered leg. These trousers are from Selected Femme and I love them, but I found the sizing a bit confusing. They only size in small, medium and large which is a tricky thing for trouser shopping. I opted for the medium just because I needed a bit of length, but the are a tad baggier than I usually prefer. A small would have been best but then the length would be all wrong. Gah! Stupid trouser sizing! 

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What does your weekend style look like? 

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  • Laura Torninoja

    I love this look! I haven’t used any kind of trousers (even jeans) for years – it’s been strictly dresses and skirts – but lately I’ve been thinking of trying to invest in a nice pair that I could wear at work but also on my days off. Something like this would be perfect, I think – especially if they’re comfortable too! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • These look stylish AND comfortable! I dress very similarly (similarly? Is that even a word? HELLO MUSH BRAIN) on the weekends … denim jacket over an easy dress/sweatpants.

    • It’s either like this or some sort of hot mess combo like yoga pants + pjs. Depending on how that week went πŸ˜‰ x

  • The sizing does sound odd but they look fantastic-I love a semi smart trouser paired with trainers and a denim jacket. Jeans are definitely my go to but I have so many pairs of smart work pants I could dress down for the weekend, must do better michelle!
    M x Life Outside London

    • Ah see, I can wear jeans to work so I very very rarely ever have to “dress up”. I’m sure if I had to I’d barely get out of my pjs on the weekend! X

  • If you don’t like them being slightly baggy then you can always take them to a seamstress/alterations who can make it to your size πŸ™‚


    • Totally! But because I got them in a sale they were super cheap and I’m always loathe to spend more money on alterations than I spent buying the piece in general, but I completely should in this case! X

  • Who sells trousers in S/M/L – that’s so bizarre! I used to never wear trousers, jeans included, but since losing a bit of weight I’ve realised quite how comfy they can be and how stylish they look! Alice xxx

    • Right?! It’s ridiculous and makes them impossible to fit! But the quality is great and he price was reasonable so…. swings and roundabouts, I suppose! X

  • Those look insanely comfortable!

    • They are so comfortable! They have all the comfort of yoga pants but manage to look like I put a modicum of effort into my look! X

  • You look good

  • Trousers are so difficult to buy! It’s like whomever invented them didn’t think that we come in all shapes and sizes. They do look a tiny bit baggy, but you pull it off great as always πŸ™‚ I love the relaxed/formal look of it πŸ™‚

    • Honestly though: who’s brilliant idea was it to size trousers in small, medium and large. That’s insane! Obviously there’s size fluctuation in dresses and shirts but even more so in trousers! X

  • I’m so behind on my blog reading but have finally got around to catching up with all your lovely posts. That sizing sounds so confusing but they do look really good! I want to start steering away from always wearing jeans so this was great inspiration! I’m also now really tempted to buy a denim jacket as it’s been on my list for ages. xx

    • I asked for this denim jacket for my birthday last year. I had wanted one for ages, but was super scared of getting the 00s denim on denim look so I kept hesitating. I wear it all the time now! It’s my go-to spring/summer jacket! X

      • Ah yes, that’s the exact same thing that has been putting me off too! Every year I keep thinking about getting one but then never taking the plunge. This year though, this year! xx