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Happy Bank Holiday to everyone who has the day off! And happy birthday to myself! Now on to today’s post:

Everyone was eager to show us the “alternative” side of Benidorm. That is, to show us that there is a lot more to the area than just laying out in a beach chair, burning to a crisp while either getting on the lash or nursing a terrible hangover. And show us some activities they did! As a fairly unadventurous person, I really got to unleash my inner adrenaline junky on this trip, partaking in some activities that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance to (like riding a jet ski). 

Before I left England, Sam enviously surveyed my itinerary and proclaimed that someone had put together his perfect holiday, so I had to make every moment count so as to not let him down! 

Electric Bikes: 

As long time readers may well know, several years ago I rode a bike in Hyde Park for the first time in several decades. Ride would be an over-exaggeration. I re-learned how to ride a bike. And then haven’t touched a bike again since then. So I was both excited and terrified to learn that we’d be riding electric bikes in Benidorm. 

Riding an electric bike, for all intents and purposes, is mechanically the same as riding a normal bike, but you switch on the motor and it gives you an instant boost. We rode them into a local national park along twisting and turning cliffs and up and down quite steep hills. I was petrified and exhilarated. I had the best time, but my knuckles were white from gripping the handlebar so hard. 

It’s a very green friendly (and fun!) way to see Benidorm. You can rent them from Tao Bike for €18 for 4 hours. Tao Bike is located at Av. Mediterráneo, 62 · Benidorm · 03503. 

Jeep Tour:

We went on a shortened version of the Marco Polo jeep tour through the region. The original tour takes all day and goes through the mountains, abandoned villages, near to waterfalls and gorgeous lakes and explores quaint little towns. I loved getting to see a bit more of the Costa Blanca, and the tour took us to one of my favourite things to see during our trip: the little village of Guadalest.

Marco Polo safari tours cost around €62 per person. It is located at Avenida de Europa 5, Benidorm, 03503

Jet Skis: 

Riding on a jet ski is one of those things that has always been on my bucket list, so I am super glad that I’ve finally managed to tick that activity off of the list! I was paired up with our fabulous representative from IceLolly, and I peer pressured him into driving the jet ski. Some of the other girls swapped half way through, but as many readers know, my driving skills are way below par on land, so I didn’t want to chance it on water. 

Even as a passenger only, I had an absolutely wonderful time and would 100% ride a jet ski again at the next available opportunity!

Jet Ski hire cost around €80 for half an hour from Carlos Water Sports . It is located at Levante Beach, Benidorm, 03503


I mentioned when Sam and I went snorkelling in Thailand, that whilst it was beautiful, I had a really difficult time with it. I wear contacts because my vision is non-existent without them and I couldn’t find a pair of goggles that didn’t leak due to my freakishly tiny head, risking washing out my contacts and leaving me blind for the duration of the day. I didn’t have that problem in Benidorm! After checking to make sure that all of our kit was sized appropriately for us, the lovely woman who ran the snorkelling business gave me a pair of child sized goggles and voila! Snorkelling was fun again! 

We rode on a speed boat out to Benidorm island. (The fin shaped island that you can see off the coast in a lot of my pictures.) The water was chilly, but not unbearably cold. I was lucky enough to see quite a few fish, but I know that some of the other girls missed them. 

Outfits worn on this trip: 

Do any of these activities take your fancy? 

I was a guest of VisitBenidorm and IceLolly, but all opinions are solely my own! 

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  • Looks like so much fun!!!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Happy happy birthday to you lovely lady! I really enjoyed following your Benidorm adventure on instagram, it’s lovely to see a completely different side of a place that sometimes has a bit of a reputation!
    M x Life Outside London

  • ninegrandstudent

    The bikes sound great fun! I’ve also always wanted to ride on a jetski…

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • It was one of the highlights of my time there, just because it had been on my bucket list for so long! x

  • 1 – Happy happy happy birthday hun!
    2 – This is why I really need to learn riding bikes
    3 – You made Benidorm sound so cool. I’ve always associated it with old people (cos of the show) but it looks like a fantastic hidden gem!

    • Hahaha thank you so so much! I’m an astonished rubbish bike rider but with the encouragement of the other girls I managed. (And there’s definitely that OAP crowd around but you can find quite a lot of cool youngsters around too 😉 ) x

  • That looks great, especially the snorkelling!

    • I really loved it all but I think my favourite was the jet skiing because it was so new for me! x

  • Just looked at the photos today as I have had a busy day also wanted to say Happy Birthday because you are a bloody awesome woman

  • This all looks fabulous! And I have to say water sports in general scare me because also my vision is awful, gotta find a good pair of goggles!

    • Snorkelling in Thailand was beautiful but painful and stressful due to the constant fear of washing out my contacts and being blind- this was so much better! I’ll always swallow my pride and go for a good pair of kids goggles from now on! X

  • Wait, just how freakishly tiny is your head?! Does the rest of your family also have tiny heads?! If not, are you your mother’s favourite child because of this? (less stretch, obv). If so, do you suspect some Beetlejuice shizz went down with your parents before you were born?

    So much to unpack here.

    • Hahahahaha so much to unpack! I wear kids glasses and sunglasses half the time so I guess is fairly weirdly small. Next time Sam and I put up a photo together, he has a normal sized face. I think I’ve given him a complex that he has a massive one but it’s only in comparison.

      I’m not my mom’s favourite, but I totally should be, right?! X

  • I’d have never said your head was small, but hey, now you’ve pointed it out, maybe Sam does appear to have a big head in comparison (but I’m sure not in reality!) So many fun activities, most of which I’ve been lucky to try – though I was put off jet skiing when Adam and I were thrown off his Dad’s whilst we were miles out to sea and we were playing around on it – I’m not much of a speed queen and don’t long for that adrenaline rush! Alice xxx

    • Hahah yea – it’s just the comparison that makes Sam’s look extra big.

      Getting thrown off whilst out to sea sounds really scary! x