York || Brew & Brownie

Brew & Brownie has long been on my York recommended food lists. It’s one of the most delicious places to eat in York, but the only problem is that you usually have to fight the queues to get in. One reasonably cold spring day, I somehow managed a miracle: getting in with zero wait time. 

I had the avocado toast (£6.95) that came with an unexpected side salad and gorgeous little creamy potato. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so hearty a meal so I was absolutely overjoyed. The avocado was crushed perfectly for me; I prefer mine to be a bit more creamy rather than chunky and it was seasoned perfectly with a slight kick of chilli and the perfect amount of lemon. The toast was cut thickly and it awakened a carb demon inside of me. (So much so that I then had to order a brownie). That little bonus potato was a true star. It had all the flavour of a really excellent potato salad in one little side fingerling.

My iced coffee (£2.50) and my Terry’s chocolate orange brownie (my brew and brownie) were both lovely. My coffee was creamy and not overly strong; just the perfect level of coffee to keep a caffeine addict on an even keel. I felt like a bit of a rebel ordering a cold coffee on a cold day, but it’s just what I was craving. I don’t know for certain but it tasted like it had been cold-brewed. My brownie was perfectly moist with big chunks of chocolate orange in it that left me wanting more brownies. 

I haven’t yet had the ricotta pancakes at Brew & Brownie, but I hear that they are to die for! 

Brew & Brownie is located at 5 Museum Street, York, YO1 7DT. 

Have you had the ricotta pancakes from there yet? Am I truly missing out? 

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