ABCs of Summer

Today is the official start to summer, so I thought a great way to kick off the season would be to post my annual ABCs of Summer post! 

ABCs of Summer

Afternoon naps outside in the sun. In a hammock, preferably. Why? Because I deserve it! 

Barbecuing at every possible occasion. Halloumi, corn, peppers, sausage. There isn’t a single food stuff that I don’t think I’d prefer grilled! 

Celebrate the 4th of July by eating my favourite American snacks for dinner. And maybe lighting a sparkler or two!

Dining al fresco! Eating outdoors is truly the best, and I’m not just talking about barbecues. (Though those are great too!) Having your morning cup of coffee outside feels like such a luxury!

Evening light is seriously the best. My favourite thing about the British summer is how light it stays at night!

Find a local pick-your-own farm. When we lived in London, we went to Garson’s every year. I’ll have to find one close to York now!

Garden centres. It’s embarrassing, but one of the things that I was most excited about when Sam passed his driving test is that we’d be able to go to a Garden Centre (which was not in busing/walking distance before) to stock up on some more houseplants. I dream of a house covered in plants. I have the thumb of death, but Sam is great with them!

Health. I’ve been sick off and on for the vast majority of 2017 – including the entire month of May. I don’t know if it’s my body adjusting to a new place; working a job where I am exposed to a ton of germs or a combination of the two but I need to get it sorted out!

Ice cream. Need I say more?

Juice some lemons (and other fruit) and make some tasty homemade juices!

Keep hydrated! I never drink the recommended amount of water per day and I want/need to get better at it!

Long walks while the weather is lovely, exploring as many different areas of York as possible. 

Music: enjoy live outdoor music somewhere! 

Nature: soak up a summer sunset and release my inner gardener. 

Open air cinema: find one nearby and watch a film outside. I still need popcorn though.

Paint our room white instead of the dreadful magnolia colour that it is? (That’s up to our landlord, really) 

Quiet nights at home relaxing in the garden.

Read more. I smashed through a fair few books this winter, but my reading has really slowed down lately!

Seaside trips. I definitely need to have more classic British seaside summer experiences; especially after my fabulous weekend in Margate and Broadstairs last year!

Train properly for the Great North Run! September is rapidly creeping up on us! (Sidenote: I’m running the Great North run for Beat, so I’m in the middle of a fundraiser. If you’d like to donate to my run, I’d be incredibly grateful!) 

Upgrade my camera. I’d really like to squirrel aside some blogging money for a camera upgrade soon!

Vlog again! I had so much fun last year starting to get into blogging and then post wedding and Yorkshire move, I completely fell off the bandwagon!

Wedding anniversary! I can’t believe July 23rd has almost come upon us already. I can’t wait to get the slices of cake that we froze last year out of Sam’s mom’s freezer! 

Xylophone band practice. The Northern group is letting me down a bit. 

Yoga classes. I have a studio in York that I love, but I just finished a round of classes and I want to try something a bit different for the summer.

Zip around in the car for some local, staycation travels!

You can find previous year’s posts below! 


What are your summer goals? 

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  • ninegrandstudent

    I love this post idea!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • I’m keen to try an open air cinema this summer!

    • There are a few lovely options in London, but I’ll have to do some research for some Northern alternatives! X

  • lovely list!

  • I love this list! I definitely just want to BBQ everything in summer – even if we often end up burning things…!

    • I know it makes me a weirdo but I really like burnt things (except toast!). I’m the oddball who is always asking if I can take the crunchy end/piece/etc xx

  • Laura Torninoja

    Ooh yes I’d like to do all of this please! Especially al fresco dining, fresh juices and seaside trips. I love Brighton but I think this year I should explore some of the other places too!

    Ps. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Thanks Laura! Have you been to Margate/Broadstairs yet? It’s not that much further than Brighton and is super lovely in the sun! x

      • Laura Torninoja

        I haven’t but really want to! Are they really close to each other? x

        • They are really close! We stayed in Margate and walked one after noon along one of the coastal hiking routes to Broadstairs. It took a few hours (it’s only a few miles) but it’s a beautiful walk! X

          • Laura Torninoja

            Ooh amazing – that sounds so lovely! I must go before the summer ends πŸ™‚ x

  • This is such a lovely post idea! I love visiting garden centres in the Summer, it’s just so lovely to walk around seeing all the lovely flowers that are in bloom. I’d also love to go to one of those open air cinemas you mention which would be amazing especially in the Summer evenings! πŸ™‚ x

    Kayleigh |

    • I know of a few open air cinemas in London but now I need to find some out here so that I don’t miss out! Hope you had a great first day of summer! X

  • Have you considered taking up some casual xenophobia, so that you have premium content for the tricky ‘x’ on these posts? I volunteer New Zealanders as your target, we’re relaxed enough to take your abuse for the sake of quality blog fodder. Otherwise my teacher husband always has a tonne of xeroxing for you to help out with. Failing that take up an interest in XXX pornography… actually I like this idea the most. I’ll find you something smutty to put there under the XXX banner every season and then we can sit back and watch the comments and see who actually reads to the end XD

    • I’m 99% sure that they only who would notice something xxx would be my mum. It would be a good test though! It maybe just xx (in brackets “dead”)? X

  • Ice cream, barbequing, evenings outside, lemon juice, sea side trips definitely for me as well! Great post πŸ™‚


  • A bloody great list

  • θΏ™δΈͺδΈι”™ε“¦οΌŒζˆ‘ε₯½ε₯½θ―»θ―»οΌ

  • Wonderful list as usual! I agree wholeheartedly! Personally really excited right now for live music during the warm, light evenings!
    I saw on IG the other day you grilled using some kind of metal box situation (pardon my ignorance, have no idea what those things are called!). Looks like a great solution if you don’t own a barbecue – where do you find things like those?

    • Ah! They are basically foil/stiff alumninum portable BBQ things- I’m able to get them at Aldi (for Β£2ish). I wonder if you could get one on Amazon? X

  • I love this list! It’s given me some fab ideas for summer πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear you haven’t been well recently though, hope you start to pick up again soon. Do you mind me asking which yoga studio you go to in York? I do a private lunchtime class fortnightly in Ripon (where I work), and I used to a local class on a Wednesday evening, but that’s at the same time as Brownies (I’m a leader :D) so I can’t make it during term time. I’m looking at others around the area so would be great to know yours since you recommend it!

    • I LOVE Yoga Stables in York. They aren’t the cheapest classes around but the studio and the teachers are absolutely fabulous! x

  • My favourite quarterly R&R posts, yay! I love that you can now drive around and see places easily – plus there is NO shame in loving a garden centre, I worked in one for about 5 years and I have a very soft spot for them! Alice xxx

    • Do you know everything about plants now? I really want to pick your brain! x

      • I actually worked in the tea shop there, so i know a lot more about cakes…!! πŸ˜‰ But I’m also becoming more and more green fingered now I have my own garden! I love plants so much! xxx