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Outfitting || Falling in love with midi skirts

After years of not liking the style on myself, something clicked, almost overnight and I found myself drawn to midi-skirts. First it was my Marge-inspired stripey, embroidered summer number. And now it’s this much more neutral and year round button-up black skirt. 

What I’m loving about midi-skirts is the amount of freedom that they give me. They let my legs free of their cages (jeans), are a cooler option for the summer, but are long enough that when I crawl around on my hands and knees chasing after a toddler, I’m still safely covered. 

I think my previous fear of mid-skirts was looking dowdy, but I didn’t really need to worry about that at all! So much of the advice I read in magazines noted to combat the dowdy possibility that you had to wear heels – and we all know that was never going to happen here! I’m here to call bull on that. Wear a sneaker, were a sandal. If you get your fit and your pairings right, you don’t need a heel to avoid the “dowdy” trap. 

Here are some other midi skirts that I am loving: 

Have you fallen in love with midi-skirts yet? 

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  • You know, I’ve been attracted to just below the knee skirts for awhile, and even bought one two summers ago, but I just am not sure about the way it looks. I agree that it’d be perfect for a more active lifestyle, so I think I just need to try it on again. I love your look here though!

    • I won’t lie- it took me ages to find a skirt with the proportions that I liked, but once I did, I was sold! x

  • cool skirt!

  • midi skirts are one of my wardrobe staples! I always feel a little more put together when I put one on, and agree about the whole free from the leg cages that are jeans (in this heat? jeans? nooooo way!) you look super cute!

    • Ugh! Could you imagine having to force yourself into jeans over this past weekend? Dreadful! X

  • I’ve shown my knickers to more people while wearing pleated midi skirts than mini skirts. Pleats catch the wind. They never stay down. Marilyn Monroe haunts those fabric folds XD

    • But if we find you a midi skirt with pockets we can weigh them down with your belongings like keys and phone or if you want to go totally wind-proof: rocks x

  • What I’m impressed by here is the sheer number of locations and backdrops you managed to find, beautiful outfit shots! Alice xxx

  • I love yours – but I can’t fall in love with them myself.

  • kathrynsharman

    I’ve definitely fallen hard for them in the last year or so. I can’t stop wearing my red pleated one but I’d definitely give this black one wardrobe space too. You look gorgeous! xx

  • I’m addicted to wearing them too – in much the same way, I thought they couldnt work for me either but they’ve been one of my favourite things since summer really began, for many of the same reasons as you!


  • This midi skirt is super cute! I looooove pleats! Would definitely wear this to work! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

  • Laura Torninoja

    I never thought I’d see the day either (I was a short skirt girl through and through!) but I’m starting to love midi-skirts too – especially, like you said, in the summer when they’re surprisingly cooling! I love the skirt you’re wearing here – it’s so pretty and looks so comfortable too! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • I like the look of that skirt, it is the type I used to wear all the time

  • LOVE Obviously – I have this in black and nude!! And am a huge fan!
    Looks fab with trainers too!

    • Thanks lovely! I wear nearly everything with some kind of trainers (much to my mum’s dismay!) I must have missed it in nude- I’m going to go stalk ASOS now! X

  • I wear midi skirts for all the reasons you mentioned, and love them (started wearing some of my mom’s old ones a few years ago), but I have to admit that I still don’t find them particularly flattering. I walk loads, so my calves are massive & they just don’t hit in a great spot for me! But I am definitely far more concerned about being comfortable than looking fit/pretty/a certain way, so I am all for a good midi skirt.

    • The just give you so much more freedom than most dresses, trousers or jeans! And I move around loads for work so I need it! Hmm.. maybe you could find a cheap tailor and get them taken up just like an inch to hit you somewhere you like more on the calves? (I know exactly what you mean though – they all seem to fall at the thickest part of the calves). x

  • That midi skirt looks so beautiful on you!