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Outfitting || Ode to Double Denim

Today’s look is a nod to the King and Queen of the noughties, Justin and Britney. (Timberlake and Spears for those who might be too young to remember them). I will probably never forget their legendary double denim look that they wore to the American Music Awards in 2001. It’s sartorial in-elegance will forever haunt me. 

All the current Queens of Cool (basically Hadid and the Jenners) have been rocking the look, which led me on my own quest: was I truly brave enough to rock double denim? 

This denim top is probably the softest most comfortable shirt I own. Seriously, the fabric feels like it was made out of unicorn tears or some other concoction to keep Voldermort young – that’s how magically soft it feels. Plus, I love its boyfriend cut. I also went out and purchased my first pair of Levi’s in years. YEARS. As a youngster, my mom dressed me in Levi’s all the time, but since I started dressing myself I gravitated away from the brand. But after a really unfortunate day at work (where I split the crouch of my jeans whilst in a roomful of children), I decided to take that hefty price swing towards a pair of thick, heavy duty 100% cotton old-timey jeans. I found the price-tag of them to be slightly eye-watering, but since I wear jeans to work and after split-jeans fiasco I had no other pair, I coughed up the money.

Fashion editors for years have been telling us to forgo our blends in jeans and go for 100% cotton, even though it will be a bit snug and tight at first, and I totally see why now. The don’t lose their shape at all and just mold to your body over time. I went for the the Levi classic 501 shape, and hopefully they’ll last me years. 

This post was in no way sponsored, I’m just really passionate about jeans. 

How do you feel about double denim? 

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