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I love flying out of Leeds Bradford, I honestly do. It’s how I’ve been able to travel so much lately: they have some killer discounted flights and that’s facilitated my travel. The only problem is that my destinations are limited. If only I could have Heathrow destinations at a Leeds Price. 

My Heathrow Flight Wishlist:

Rome has always been at the top of my travel list, but somehow I’ve still not managed to get over to Italy. I want to eat all the gelato, pasta and pizza that I can possible stuff into me whilst soaking up all the history and art. 

My inner Game of Thrones news wants to visit to see where they’ve filmed some of my favourite scenes, but everyone is always coming back from Croatia raving about it and sporting beautiful pictures, to boot! 

After falling in love with Copenhagen, I’m really excited and motivated to explore more of Scandinavia. Stockholm just beat out Oslo by a smidge. 

Greece is another place that I’ve always wanted to visit (for both history and food reasons) so Athens is high up on my list. But it’s Santorini with its insanely beautiful views and photogenic blue and white aesthetic that really draws me in. Cliched, I know. 

Blogging has made me want to visit Iceland. I’d never been keen before, but now it seems like the destination to visit. I’d love to visit the Blue Lagoon (obviously) and manage to see some Northern Lights as well! 

After visiting Thailand in January and having the time of my life, I swore that one day I’d visit Bali and have an equally fantastic time.

Obviously, London is a massive city and I lived there for years. But I’d love to visit one of the Japanese mega cities at least once in my life, and Tokyo is the one that appeals the most to me! 

I can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve always wanted to visit Jerusalem, but I think it’s the sheer depth of history there and the importance of the area to so, so many people in the world. 

There are a lot of mixed opinions on visiting Morocco, but I’d at least like to visit Marrakesh. On a very shallow note: it’s bright and beautiful and I’d love to shop around in its famous souks. 

Buenos Aires 
Besides loving Evita (am I joking?), my International Relations degree meant that I had to specialise in an area and I chose conflict and security in Latin America. I’ve spent so many hours studying political structures in South America, and Argentina has always been the most appealing to me. 

I know most of these choices are cities and Cambodia is a whole country, but there is so much of it that I’d love to explore. I definitely want to visit Angkor Wat at some point in my life. 

Growing up, Fiji seemed like the most exotic, paradise like destination of them all. Of course I’d want to thoroughly enjoy its beaches, but I’d also like to spend a bit of time in the jungle, hot springs and experiencing the local culture. 

I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Florida, and it’s strange to think that Cuba was always so close and yet so far away! Tourism in Cuba is a bit of a touchy subject (tourism being great for the economy, but the increased demand for food for tourists leaving many Cubans without basic necessities.) So if I were to go one day, I’d like to do it as thoughtfully as possible. 

And the easiest way to get to Heathrow is via the Heathrow Express. If you have loads of time, of course you can just sit on the Tube for ages, but its so much more convenient to take the Heathrow Express. They have some big news that they are celebrating this week: the Heathrow Express has now carried 100 million passengers since it first opened in 1998 and there’s an exhibition on at Paddington Station till July 4th of some great passenger photographs over the years. Check it out! 

Here’s a sneak peek of HExbition below: 

For other future travel inspiration, take a look at my travel bucket list

Where are you jetting off to next? 

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