Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Month

10 things that made me happy this month

July has just flown by. I can’t believe summer will be wrapping up soon. (I really don’t want it to, as I’m a summer baby through and through and distrust anyone who doesn’t like summer!) 

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Month

>>>  I received a bunch of Whitworths shots (little combination packs of nuts, fruit and seeds). I’ve been keeping them in my bag for the times when ‘hanger’ rears its ugly head and I’ve become smitten with them. The fruity biscuit shots were my favourite, but I’ve enjoyed all the flavours that I’ve tried so far! 

>>> We visited the baby dachshunds multiple times this month so that when our pup comes home with us in a few weeks, he’ll have spent a fair bit of time with us. Plus it’s been amazing to watch him grown even though he’s not old enough to leave the litter quite yet. A lot of people don’t get this experience but it’s been amazing! 

>>> I got to attend my friends’ lovely show “Ballot Box” at the Manchester Fringe. It was joyful to get to see them in action, and if you’re going to Edinburgh Fringe this year, check them out! 

>>> I’ve always used Sam’s camera kit but as he’s been increasingly away on jobs when I’ve had a blog do or something that I need to photograph I have had to resort to iPhones. So, I broke down and purchased my very own piece of gorgeous camera kit. The blogger’s cliche: the Olympus Pen. 

>>> Movie theatres in York are the best because they are still 1984 prices. So Sam and I got to see “Baby Driver” for a grand total of £6.80. (So £3.40 per ticket.) That’s superb, right? And – I actually enjoyed the film. I expected to hate it but the soundtrack was brilliant. If they had given the two female characters an ounce of the characterisation that they’d given to the male characters, I would have given it a hearty thumbs up. 

>>> I finally made it round to the lovely Dannielle‘s place in Doncaster for dinner. I left stuffed but dreaming of more pulled pork. She’s a legend. 

>>> I blogged about it last week, but I’m in love with my new Radley tote and cross-body bag. I’ve been carrying them non-stop lately. 

>>> I found a bike for £5. It’s quite rusted and very beat up, but it does the job and gets me to work and I’m chuffed with the price. And happy that I convinced Sam to change the inner tube for me. 

>>> Sam and I celebrated our anniversary with an amazing dinner at Skosh

>>> I’ve booked two trips for the autumn. Bratislava in October, and Faro in November. If you’ve been to either please send me your recommendations! 

What’s made you happy this month? 

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