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radley crossbody bag and tote

I’ve two new Radley bags that I am just thrilled about. One because I love the classic plushness of a Radley bag and the fact that they make styles that never go out of fashion. Two because I love those darn Radley dogs. I’m sure they must have dozens of them on file for “social appearances” but once in London I got to have some strokes of the Radley dogs in a store and it was amazing. 

The Greyfriars Gardens cross-body works perfectly as a camera bag; it comfortably fits my camera plus 45mm lens, and I love that it has small zipped pockets inside that are perfect for spare batteries and memory cards. The matching Greyfriars Gardens tote zips at the top (always a huge plus for me otherwise I worry that I’ll be pickpocketed in a crowd and there are multiple separate compartments inside that snap and zip.)

I opted for the ink blue colour because it was so lush – so blue that it’s nearly black at some angles. I’m a big fan of neutral colours in bags. They style easily; with anything at any time. So I rarely find myself drawn to statement bags.

That being said, the tote also came in the best bright pink shade that I tore myself away from. (Take a peak at all their tote bags. There are some beautiful bags on sale at the moment if that tempts you even more!)

You may have spotted the bag in an unboxing section in my vlog from yesterday! 

I’ve been wearing a lot of swing dresses lately, not because I think they are exceedingly flattering on me. (I understand, they aren’t flattering me in the slightest.) Nor is it because I’m covering up a pregnancy tum (unless it’s a pastry baby). However, swing dresses are so comfortable. I hate any feeling of constriction in clothing and with extra roomy dresses, I can curl up on the sofa, sit cross-legged on the floor whilst remaining decent, and put my feet up on a train seat (naughty, I know.) 

This post is in collaboration with Radley but all thoughts are forever my own. 

What is your go-to camera bag? 

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  • I love the shade of the bags! I’ve never really thought of Radley for bags but I’ll be checking them out now x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  • I really like this small one. It looks very cute and handy. I don’t own camera so I don’t have my go to camera bag although I started saving for my first camera and can’t wait to buy it. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    • Have you decided what sort of camera you’ll go for? xx

      • I would love to own Olympus Pen EPL7 but I’m still thinking. Do you have any recommendations for not to pricey but good cameras? x

        • I have a Pen now that I love and Sam has his fancy camera for his job (that he sometimes lets me use). But I started out with a Canon EOS 1300D (with 50mm lens) – I was able to get the camera and new lens in a sale for around Β£300 (new). It was a really great entry level DSLR and it definitely provided me with a good base for learning how to properly use one. And then I was able to sell both the body and the lens for nearly full price when I upgraded! xx

  • I love these bags on you! I have always had a love/meh relationship with Radley … some of their products aren’t my style and others are on my wishlist for ages! I recently collaborated with them on a clutch from their range and I ADORE it and use it all the time. Their new season bags are fabulous and I especially love that tote!

  • Love the colour of these bags – I think this shade of blue is just timeless! And they look so lovely styled with that pretty dress x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Though my inner child wanted the hot pink, that’s why I opted for the blue in the end – I knew I’d get more use out of it in the long haul! xx

  • I am loving that cross body with the white dress- you look so fab babe! xxx

  • Laura Torninoja

    I love that dress AND those bags! I saw them on your vlog this morning and fell in love – especially that camera bag would be so handy (and pretty!) xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Ugh, that deep blue colour is the best. It reminds me of a pair of shoes I had that I broke and I’m still upset about it because they were THE BEST COLOUR.

    I also put my feet on train seats sometimes coz I’m a rebel who cant’ be tamed, at least for another five mins until the train guard comes along and yells at me. x

    • I’ve only once ever had a guard tell me off for it – though he was quite cheeky. I think he said something along the lines of “where do you live?” me “mumbles answer” him “well it’s not here so take your feet of the seat”. xx

  • Ah it’s super cute! I like the sling bag

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • I really love Radley, but I’ve never bought myself an expensive handbag! One of my friends draw some of the designs of their Christmas bags! Also, which camera do you have? Surely not a DSLR if it fits in the cross body? Alice xxx

    • I use the Olympus pen with a 45mm lens for most shots. Otherwise, I borrow one of Sam’s Canon big guys. Which designs did she draw? That’s so cool! x

  • I am absolutely in love with that tote – it would be PERFECT for carry on AND lugging a laptop around the city!

  • Nice bags, I love bags just like my sister a love of bags run in the family

  • Miu

    In my opinion, swing dresses are considered ‘unflattering’ because they do not try to show off the body, which is one more reason we should definitely wear them and love ourselves πŸ˜‰

  • I love that cross body bag! Radley have some gorgeous bags at the minute, I can’t wait to add more to my collection. (I also adore that dress, you look amazing!) x

  • They both look so classic indeed! I always want to go for colourful purses but in the end black is always a timeless colour!

  • These pictures are so lovely! Both classic styles but the cross-post is the cutest. Such a nice size.

    T x