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Travel || A Guide to 24 Hours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen had been towards the top of my travel bucket list for a very long time, so when I saw cheap flights on SAS out of Manchester, I nabbed them without thinking twice. Has anyone else ever seen the movie musical “Hans Christian Anderson”? Well I loved it as a kid (I think it was all the ballet) and I was constantly singing one of it’s catchiest tunes “Copenhagen” during my entire weekend break. To myself though. I’m not that obnoxious.

So let’s get straight down to it! 

A Guide to 24 Hours in Copenhagen


See / Do : 

First things first, if it’s a nice day, I highly recommend taking one of the boat tours around all the canals and harbours. You get to see so much of the city and it’s glorious to be out on the water. Plus the weekend that I was there, all the locals were out on the water as well and there was a real camaraderie that was nice to see between the boats. I rode with Netto Badene and I have a whole post dedicated to it soon. Another great reason to take the boat tour is that you’ll pass by the Little Mermaid Statue, which is super far away from the centre of town, absolutely swarmed with tourists and quite small. I was satisfied with just seeing it from the boat instead. 

Once you’ve finished your boat tour you have to explore Nyhavn, which is probably the most famous bit of Copenhagen – or at least the bit most likely to be featured on a postcard. I swooned for all the lovely, colourful burgher houses and shops. 

You also should head over the see the city hall, which is an insane, impressively big building that just happens to be next door to Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens is most likely going to be on your Copenhagen bucket list with its vintage charm and the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the world. 

There are so many castles and palaces inside Copenhagen that it’s hard to narrow down what to see, but I recommend Amalienborg Palace (where the Queen and her family currently live) and Rosenborg Castle. At Amalienborg, if you time it right you can see the changing of the guard, and Rosenborg has sumptuous gardens. 

Last but certainly not least, I recommend visiting the Round Tower, a former astronomical tower famous for its curving, bricked ramp all the way to the top. I loved it and have a whole blog post dedicated to it further down the line. 

Thanks to Jaye‘s recommendation on Instagram, I knew I HAD to have breakfast at Mad & Kaffe. I’ll be doing a whole post on it later, it was so delicious. 

If it’s a warm day and you’re wandering around Nyhavn, I can’t recommend Rajissimo more highly! The pistachio cone that I had was some of the finest ice-cream that I’ve ever eaten. 

And if you’re looking for hip and delicious dinner spots, I recommend taking a peek at all restaurants within the Madklubben group. Madklubben Norrebro was a finalist for one of the best restaurants in town (serving a modern take on local classics). I was craving something slightly less upscale so I dined at their pizza restaurant Gran Torino and thought it was utterly delicious. 


Finding somewhere to stay was the priciest part of my solo trip. Other travellers will back me up on this, but housing in Scandinavia is super expensive. Especially with no one to split it with. On my previous solo trips (such as to Dublin and Gdansk), I’ve sung the praises of getting a solo room in a hostel, but even that was out of my price range in Copenhagen. It actually ended up being much cheaper to turn to AirBnb and I found a super cute room, conveniently located with a very gracious and unobtrusive host. 


I found Copenhagen ridiculously east to navigate, especially after the nightmare of a time that I had trying to get around Dublin. The bus and the metro are so convenient and well laid out that even someone with zero sense of direction, such as myself, will be absolutely fine. Using the metro, you can get from the city centre to the airport in around 15 minutes. 

Rosenborg Castle

Hans Christian Andersen, himself.

Fredric’s Church

City Hall building.

So many bikes in Copenhagen!

Changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace and more Amalienborg below. 

I really fell in deep love with Copenhagen and I can’t wait to go back with Sam one day! 

Have you ever been? What do you recommend?

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  • it’s on my list! beautiful photos!

  • Love! And agree with all of it! We just came back from a weekend over and it was amazing! I loved just walking around, it was so easy to get around indeed!

    • So easy to get around! Hope the weather managed to stay alright for you – though I think I read on instagram that you had a rainy day? x

  • It IS as beautiful as everyone thinks!

  • I have no idea why I’ve never been to Copenhagen. We have friends who live there, for crying out loud. Mark even has a list of food and restaurants to try next time, as he’s been there multiple times. Ugh. One day.

    • Frankie. YOU. MUST. GO. Housing is the most expensive thing there so if you can crash with friends, you’ve got to! x

  • I’m basically just waiting to have a free weekend where I can spontaneously book a flight here. It looks LOVELY

  • Laura Torninoja

    Copenhagen looks SO beautiful, and looks like you were super lucky with the weather too! I can’t believe I’ve still never been, even though the flights from London can be super cheap! Maybe next year… x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • I can’t recommend it more highly, Laura! It’s my favourite place that I’ve ever visited – I wish I had gone sooner! x

  • Sounds like a really beautiful city to visit someday

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Gorgeous architecture. Did you see the Little Mermaid statue? I apparently went with my parents when I was tiny, and the only thing I remember (mostly because of the picture) is seeing that statue in the harbor.

  • This city looks gorgeous. I don’t know how you did it in 24 hours!

  • I did a weekend trip to Copenhagen back in March 2015 and it was amazing! One of the best places I’ve visited for sure. I want to go back so badly. And I totally agree, the public transit there is amazing. I was also super impressed by how well they’ve integrated biking infrastructure into the city. I’m tentatively planning on going next spring and hitting up some other parts of Denmark as well.

    Clementine | My Darling Clementine

    • I loved how green it was and how many people were bike riders! Though I have really poor bike riding skills so I’d be a bit intimidated to try it out there! x

  • Beautiful photos! Did you think 24 hours was enough to see everything you wanted to in Copenhagen? Alice xxx

    • I got everything ticked off my list but I could have spent weeks more there! And in full discourse I went to bed at midnight and got out of the Airbnb by 5am so that I could get as much in as possible. (I travel like a madwoman when I have a time limit.) x

  • Zara

    Oh my goodness Amanda this post could not have come at a better time, I booked flights to Copenhagen a few days ago to stay for four nights at the end of August!! I pretty much booked the trip without doing much research on the city (oops) because the flights were so cheap, but after reading this post I am feeling much more assured, it looks beautiful! I am soooo looking forward to reading the rest of your Copenhagen posts!! Rosenborg castle will definitely be making its way on to my to-do list!:D xx

  • I love love loved Copenhagen! You’re right though, it’s insanely expensive, we weren’t prepared for it as we had gotten cheap tickets too! Did you get to go into Tivoli? It was surprisingly one of my favourite things we did. We did the boat tour too but because it was rainy and to take cover haha.

    • I went into the ticket office and had a sneaky peek in, but then decided not to since I was on my own (and that kind of thing is usually more fun with someone else!). Oh man, I’m pretty gutted that you boat tour got rained on because it ended up being one of my favourite things! xx

      • the boat tour was still one of our favourite things too! We did it to get out of the rain, but the changing skies made for amazing backdrops against the city.