Vlog || Weekly Vlog #2

I already feel like this week’s weekly vlog is better than last week’s. The clicking lens has been fixed and, in general, it looks less like a ransom video. 

Just like I said last week, its not as perfect or as interesting as I’d like it to be, but I already know some things that I will change for next time! I’m the kind of person who is never satisfied with their own work but I am definitely creatively inspired to do things a bit differently next time and take it from there. 

I love the new creative challenge of vlogging. After teaching myself new skills for blogging (basic CSS, photography, a bit of design, finding my voice), 4 years down the line and I’m fairly confident in most things. Vlogging is a completely new bag of tricks and I love learning new skills – better ways to shoot and edit, playing with sound levels, and speed – it’s all so exciting! 

Do you have any favourite video editing tricks? Or any favourite weekly vlog videos? I’m up for any suggestions for vlog viewing! (Though preferably not beauty vlogs as I’ve absolutely given up on any sort of beauty/hair tutorial watching – I swear you need an extra hand to do any sort of braiding/plaiting demonstrated!) 

See all my videos first by subscribing to my YouTube channel. At the moment of writing this post, I’m at 99 subscribers so I’d love to see that go over 100! 

I do make an embarrassing confession in this video – please do not judge me too harshly! 

What did you get up to this weekend? What was the highlight of last week for you? 

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  • I totally agree, penises are completely bizarre. I mean, who the hell designed that?!

  • Kateřina Krejčířová

    Yay, I’m the 100th subscriber. Good luck with your channel and have fun! x K

  • Subscribed to your channel and also followed you on Insta! Those puppies are so adorable, I wanted to cuddle them so bad. Nice vlog <3
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Thank you! I’m so excited to have a puppy in my life – it was so hard to not snuggle them all! xx

  • you’re getting a puppy?:) lovely!

  • GB

    Way to go, love. Vlogging seems super hard. I don’t know anything about it (of course), but I can imagine the challenge of finding a new/adapting your existing voice to fit this new medium. My favorite bit was at the end, when you shot the opera singers and ribbon dancers (!!) in the park and then panned over slowly to capture Sam peeking behind a bush, staring and listening in awe to the music. Brilliant. love you.

    • Weren’t the ribbon dancers hilarious? They reminded me of the dancing in the beginning of “Carousel”. I miss you my love! I read over my copy of your wedding speech yesterday and cried! xx

  • Loving your vlog

  • Loved this! It’s really beautifully put together with all the transitions – much more interesting than just chatting at the camera for 10 minutes. I’ve been toying with a life-of-a-writer vlog… am all inspired now, thanks!

  • hahaha had never even heard of Naked Attraction and I had to google it, looks hilariously trashy!