An Exciting Announcement: Please Welcome….

Our little family has finally grown to include a third member. It’s something that I’ve been wishing for for ages and it’s recently been made possible. I’ve made no secret of it on instagram or social media (in fact, I may have been spamming everyone a bit), so without further ado I’d like to official introduce: 

Harold “Nagini” Taylor-Dales

You thought it might be a baby announcement, right? Well you’d be wrong!

But I am thrilled to now be a dog mom to Harold. A beautiful short-haired dachshund. Harold’s mum was a tweenie (smaller than a regular, but not small enough to be a mini) dachshund, and his father was a mini-dachshund so he’ll grow to be somewhere in between their two sizes.   

He’s only 9 weeks old at the moment – still a baby! Once he gets his second round of injections this week we’ll start socialising him slowly and introducing him to family. So far we’ve had some very sleepless nights. We’re quite diligently trying to embark on training. (And by we, I mean Sam – I’ve mostly been giving him cuddles). 

Things I love about having a puppy: 

      • It’s selfish but all this unconditional love feels so good. 
      • He is so flipping soft. But his ears are especially velvety. 
      • His favourite place to be is sitting on my lap. As I’m eternally cold this is brilliant because he’s like a little hot water bottle. 
      • His eyes kill you when you stare into them.
      • Coming home from work to the pitter-patter of little feet is so uplifting. 
      • I love getting to learn more about his personality. He has some really strong traits at the moment: he’s obstinate, affectionate and very intelligent. 

I’m pretty sure that my instagram feed will be 90% puppy soon, so if you’re not comfortable with that you might want to unfollow now. But if you don’t like puppies what kind of person are you? 

If you want to follow along with more of his adventures just check #HaroldTheSausageDog

Are you a dog owner? Do you have any puppy training advice? 

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