#ExploreTheCity with John Lewis

Even though I no longer live in London, after years and years spent South of the River I still feel like a Londoner. When people post beautiful instagrams of SE London, I still get twinges of envy and the “ah, I miss my old neighborhood” feel. 

That’s why when John Lewis approached me to work on their #explorethecity campaign I was super excited. I love exploring (as you all must know by now) and I am a huge walker. 

In #explorethecity, John Lewis encourages you to get your steps up and use a fitness tracker to get out there and keep on moving. To make getting your steps in a bit more fun, John Lewis has developed an app that lets you enter your postcode and they give you a list of fun things nearby and the amount of steps that it would take to walk there. 

I’m a massive proponent of the FitBit, you can see it in nearly all of my outfit posts. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t hit my 10,000 steps and wearing a FitBit has made me extremely mindful of that fact and motivated me to get up and move. 

Exploring the Crystal Palace area: 

#1 You must go visit the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park. They are one of my favourite things about London. Full stop. I love the park so much that I had my engagement party in the park. I even got to show Taylor Lautner the Crystal Palace dinosaurs (and no, that was not a joke). 

#2 You’ve probably worked up a hunger exploring the park, so nip in to Green & Brown in the Crystal Palace Triangle for an insanely good brunch. 

#3. Explore Sydenham Wells Park. It’s a real hidden gem of a park, in the SE. It’s also a great place to go geo-cacheing if you are so inclined 

sydenham wells park

#4 Walk to the Horniman Museum and explore the eclectic museum and their beautiful gardens. Say “hi” to the walrus for me! 

horniman museum

#5 Do part of the Green Chain Walk. Sam and I did it throughout our time in London, so I have loads of posts about it. (Nunhead Cemetery section of the Green Chain, Lesnes Abbey section)

nunhead cemetery

Having done these few activities, you’ll have hit over 20,000 steps by the time you get back home. If you’re a local the best way to celebrate would be #6. 

#6 Head over to 400 Rabbits for pizza, Gelupo gelato and beer. 

400 rabbits

What part of London would you like to explore more? 

***This post was in conjunction with John Lewis and I was gifted a FitBit for taking part in their campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are forever my own. ***

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  • Ray
  • I still need to find those darn dinosaurs…

  • ninegrandstudent

    What a good campaign! I definitely need to explore more, we’ve lived in SW London for a year and really haven’t seen enough!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Before I moved in with Sam I lived in SW London – I’ve done the gamut of SW addresses (South Ken, Tooting Broadway, Clapham, Wandsworth). I do have a soft spot in my heart for the area around Clapham Common though! xx

  • Wow! That Fitbit is really sleek. My sister has an older model and it was fun tracking our steps when she recently visited us. We easily surpassed 10,000 each day!

    • I feel so satisfied whenever I hit my steps! I’m not obsessive about them the way that some people are but it is a good motivator, I think! xx

  • Wow what awesome photos

  • Have we ever talked about this? I grew up on Sydenham Avenue (pretty much, from when we moved to the UK until I went to university) and lived 30 seconds away from Crystal Palace Park. I spent a lot of time with the dinosaurs as a kid! My parents’ are still there – it must be very close to where you lived. Also, I am a bit obsessive about my 10.000 steps a day, but I’ve been doing that for over a year and I haven’t really felt any… benefit. I certainly don’t feel fitter, but I suppose you wouldn’t just from walking. I don’t know. Do you find it has any tangible benefits, other than the fact we all know that walking is good for you and being sedentary is bad? xx

    • What?! No – I didn’t know that! If your parents ever decided to move out of London they’ll get a pretty eager buyer. That’s supposed to be the “hot” new area of London for real estate / hipsters 😉 Next time you visit your family, eat momos at the Gurkha Cottage in the triangle. The lamb or the veggie option are both insane. (They used to know Sam and I by name there which is mildly embarrassing).

      I don’t necessarily feel a day to day benefit, but when I started training for the Great North Run, I noticed that I actually had more stamina for running when I had increased how much walking I was getting done every day as well.

  • I have got out of the habit of wearing my fitbit so I should really start again! When I was marathon training I hit 10-20,000 steps regularly but now i’m not purposely going out for a run most nights and my bum is planted firmly back at my desk all day, I barely reach 5,000!!! Alice xxx

    • I’m lucky because I can walk to work (it’s around 2 miles each way but it’s a really pretty walk) so by the time the day is over I hit my target. When Sam’s dad was with us is the only time lately that I’ve fallen far short. (He’s not very mobile as he had a stroke a few years ago so we did way more driving than we do when it’s the two of us. ) xx

  • This is such a fun campaign! I generally hit 10k steps a day, I’d love to up it to 20k but I don’t think it’s going to happen. As if you spoke to Taylor Lautner!? Haha.

    T x

    • Hahaha I actually did. His a friend of Sam’s brother so he came to our engagement party because he was in town. (I have photo proof in that post 😉 ) xx