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Outfitting || Blue Swing Dress and Why I’ll Never Wear a “Proper” Bra Again

I mentioned in my Radley post that I’ve been loving swing dresses for the summer (or smock dresses). In fact, this blue swing dress is an identical style to the one in that post. Because if you really love something and it is on sale, buy it in two colours, right? 

Or is that just me? 

Besides the fact that swing dresses offer maximum comfort, I also love them for a causal yet pulled-together look. They are extra easy to accessorize and let your body feel free. I’m a big believer in letting your body feel free, but especially in the summer. 

That’s why about two years ago, I fully transitioned over to bralettes and underwire-less bras and it’s been one of the best clothing decisions I’ve ever made. I donated all my Victoria Secret super push-up bras (those that were still in excellent shape) and I haven’t looked back. 

When I got home from work, one of my favourite sensations in the entire world was taking my bra off. So living that life full-time has been extra delectable. For many years during my teens and early 20s, I bemoaned my lack of a chest. I come from a family of fairly large-chested women, and somehow I’m the only one that really missed out on it. 

So I compensated with bras that could be upwards of two inches thick and added two cup sizes (that’s really not a joke!) Even before I transitioned to soft bras, I parted ways with all those extreme push-ups and embraced the fact that I am far, far less chesty than average. (I read once that the average size in both the UK and the US is a 34 DD.) 

Are there any other reformed Victoria Secret push up users out there? Or has anyone else done away with all their underwired bras? 

What’s your go-to summer outfit? 

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  • Fellow A-cupper here! πŸ˜‰ I can’t say my VS push-up days are completely behind me, but after we moved to Singapore, I quickly adopted the no-bra look on most days – so scandalous! Ha! But seriously…when it’s this hot outside, bra-free feels a heck of a lot better and less sticky than the alternative.

    • I’m not sure I ever told you, but one time at a blogger afternoon tea (years ago!) someone thought I was you. Maybe it was the A cup similarity that confused them! πŸ˜‰ I’m still not quite brave enough to go totally bra free. I think England might be too cold for it! x

  • I am so glad to read that I am not the only one that ditch the conventional bra with wires etc ( most uncomfortable thing ever) I now mostly wear sport bra or nothing at all.

  • Laura Emilia

    This is such a cute outfit – I love the colour! I’ve definitely noticed that the older I get, the more I like loose-fitting dresses too. Comfort is just way more important to me these days!

    I’ve also started wearing bras a bit less, which definitely feels SO freeing. Unfortunately I can’t always do it as I need some sort of support for them if I don’t want back aches or unnecessary pain if I need to do a lot of running etc. Maybe I should just completely transfer to comfy sport bras at all times! πŸ™‚ xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • I have this soft bras that are the shape of sports bras without all the tightness and it’s become my every day thing. It’s SO freeing! x

  • I HAVE THIS DRESS! Isn’t it just the best? I have it in white too and I love it so much. Suuuper comfy. And YES to comfy bras. I’m a 32D, which always surprises people (including me!) because it honestly doesn’t look or feel like it. I still wear underwires, but where I used to go for the super-pushup ones (and do still occasionally just if I need mega-cleavage to fit in a dress!), I usually opt for super comfy t-shirt support styles and bralettes now. Life’s too short for uncomfy bras! xxx

    Little Miss Katy

    • I NEVER would have guessed that you were a 32 D! (Not that I’ve spent ages checking out your boobs…. or have I? πŸ˜‰ ) xx

    • I feel your pain! I am a very similar size and feel like I have all the problems (looking like a saggy matron in a polo neck, wacking myself in the face if I attempt to jog without high impact sports bras) with none of the benefits – everyone is always so surprised to hear my size haha xxx

  • Cute dress! I’m also not a huge fan of uncomfortable bras, but I do need some support and the bralets just don’t cut it for me, which is too bad because they are beautiful. Maybe TMI, but after having a baby and breastfeeding my boobs just need a bit of the underwire and pushup support if you catch my drift ;(

    • Ahaha not TMI at all. I have a friend who kept wearing her nursing bras even after stopping breastfeeding, just because she thought they were quite comfy! x

  • Ray

    It totally depends on my outfit I’m wearing. I normally go braless in the cooler months due to layering.

    • I’m still a bit intimidated by braless, but you’ve inspired me to give it a go come autumn. xx

  • I love this dress! The colour is gorgeous πŸ™‚ I’ve never tried bralettes and haven’t worn an underwireless bra since I was 10 (I developed verrry early). I’d definitely be up for trying them but suspect I might need a little more support! That being said, I have never actively enjoyed taking my bra off (I actually find the sudden lack of support can be uncomfortable!) so maybe there’s no need for me to try! Xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Aw, if you don’t enjoy the sensation then I’m not sure that you’d like underwireless bras. It’s basically like wearing a less-tight sports bra all the time. x

  • Girl, I am right there with you. I’m a 38C and a bit chunky, but I always felt like my chest should be much larger to fit my “body type”. So I wore padded bras to look more like what I thought was what I should look like.
    Enter last summer, when I got a major cyst under my breast where my underwire hit. I had to go to the breast specialist several times, get the cyst drained, get ultrasounds, and biopsies. It was so scary! Plus, my maternal aunt and my paternal grandmother both had breast cancer – so I wasn’t going to play that game anymore. I only wear bralettes now, and I’m so much more comfy.

    • Yep, yep yep. I blogged about how breast cancer runs in my family a few months ago (after my tumour was biopsied, to clean results – thank goodness) but I had a really similar conversation with the breast specialist about how underwires bras just aren’t good for people. I’d already ditched them by that time but it felt good to get a medical opinion that justified my cozy factor! x

      • Yay to clean results! Glad all was well. πŸ™‚

  • I always buy multiples of dresses & tops that I love!

  • I also buy dresses and tops in different colours if I really like the style, I have not worn underwire bras in decades I do not like them, I do not find them comfy and a few years back I started wearing crop top bras and love them

    • Yes Jo-Anne! THat’s basically what I wear too. They are just so much better! Life is too short to not be comfortable! x

  • Ahhh to be able to do that is my dream but sadly my boobs would be near my belly button without some wired up support but who knows perhaps when I hit the next decade I will be all for it!!

    • I definitely had a bit more sag, but I did read that your chest muscles start to tighten and perk up a tiny bit once your body starts doing more of the work and not your bra (though I’ve not seen any results of that personally!) x

  • Love that dress! Personally love sports bras but end up wearing ones with underwire… I’ve always wanted to try bralettes

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

    • I think it’s worth giving bralettes a go! They are the comfort level of sports bras, just miles cuter and not quite as tight. xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    I WISH braletts were supportive enough for me, damn E/F-cups!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • And where did you donate the bras to specifically? I’m certainly not giving up on them – mine would not cope in a bralet (I wish!) – but do have some that have never been worn much and could go to some place better?

  • I love swing dresses but I’m yet to ditch VS push-up bras! I equally love their bralets though. πŸ˜‰

    T x

  • Amanda

    As a fellow small chested person, you have me intrigued to try some bralettes! Will you do a post on a few of your favourite brands?

    • I really love all the Calvin Klein soft bras (they are probably my number one for comfort!). Jack Wills has some great ones as well. And Anthropologie’s are all beautiful. But doing a longer post on this topic is a great idea! x

  • kathrynsharman

    Yes!!! I’m exactly the same and used to wear uncomfortable padded bras until I discovered bralets about 18 months ago and it was a revelation. They’re so pretty and delicate too and it helps that more high street shops have embraced the idea and started stocking different styles. I’ve found nice ones in Topshop, even Primark. &OtherStories has a lovely selection (natch!). xx

    • I just came across &OtherStories at the beginning of this year and I am OBSESSED with it now! So many gorgeous items of clothing! x

  • I am busty, but a terrible skin infection last summer forced me into going braless or wearing sports bras. For months after the infection cleared up, I still had great sensitivity under my boobs, so I either couldn’t wear my bras for long or I had to wear bras with a slightly-large band.

    Now that my skin is finally back to normal, I still enjoy wearing sports bras around the house and for my long medical treatments. But it’s also nice being able to wear proper bras that actually support my boobs once again.

    • Oof – that sounds awful. I’m so glad that it cleared up! Long, long, long may it stay away!

  • Xantippe

    I stopped wearing a bra 35 years ago, I hated wearing one from the first day my Mother insisted I don the tortuous implement. As soon as I was free and not wearing white shirts to work I threw the bras away. Now in my seventies my small breasts haven’t sagged very much and I have no intention of wearing one again. All those who fear going braless don’t it is the best thing for your bodies. Who invented such awful things anyway, underwired bras weren’t that common when I was young but I still found the soft bras uncomfortable.

  • As the opposite, being quite, umm, gifted in the chest area, I wish wish wish i had smaller boobs so I could go bra-less – bralets and non underwired are pretty much impossible and actually more uncomfy as my boobs just jangle around! Though saying that, there’s also no need for push up bras in this department! Alice xxx

    • 10 years ago I would have killed for a larger cup size. (Like googling ways to grow your chest post -puberty) but I’ve come to terms with it now and am honestly, quite grateful! x

    • OMIGOD THIS COMMENT! YES! Big boobs definitely jangle! That’s the freaking word for it!

  • Haha oh how I wish I was more flat chested! They are always in the way I swear! I recently bought quite a few bralettes and love them! However most are in lace and they irritate my skin a bit πŸ™

    • I find lace a bit itchy and irritating as well. I’m 100% unsexy and usually opt for plain cotton or silk if I’m feeling really fancy! xx

  • Yes, I read this when it first came out. I was all over the place and couldn’t comment until now. But it’s really very necessary that you know my thoughts about this πŸ˜‚

    I have NEVER felt that feeling of joy so many women go on about when they take a bra off. Never. In fact, if I’m sitting on a couch on a lazy Saturday morning and I go too long without a bra that bit of skin in the middle of my boobs begins to feel weird. Hell, I even sleep in my bra most nights. I just like to know everything is going to stay where it should be.

    You want another confession? Sometimes I’ll even wear two bras at once. If I need one for shaping and one for shoulder comfort that is definitely the way to go. Especially if I’ve been poor and couldn’t afford a expensive bra that did both, I’d wear two cheap ones that achieved the same effect.

    Honestly, if you’re small enough that you don’t need a bra, then more power to you. Some of these bralettes are incredibly sexy and I’m totes jealous. But I also think that if you’re really aware of your bra all day and can actually feel the wires there’s a good chance you’re just wearing a shit bra and it’s probably the wrong size xx

    • I find it the same relief as when you get home and take off your jeans. They can be the best jeans in the entire world but then the freedom from them is just …..sweet sweet release. Basically I sit at home trouserless and braless. But as already established, I don’t really have anything to contain. πŸ˜‰ xx