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There has been an overwhelming number of posts about lavender fields lately, mostly because the season is drawing to an end and bloggers are trying to squeeze in visits whilst the lavender is still in bloom. My visit to the Lavender Farm was actually almost two months ago, but I’ve just now sat down to write about it. 

(Oops, blogger fail!) 

There was one thing I always regretted not doing when we lived in London and that was venturing out to Mayfield Lavender Fields for a famous blogger photoshoot. So when I realised that there was a lavender field about a 15 minute drive away, I insisted that we go as soon as the lavender was in bloom.

The Yorkshire Lavender farm is set in 60 acres and it’s in absolutely gorgeous countryside. It’s in the Howardian Hills which is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and the views across the Vale of York are truly something special! It was voted one of the Top 3 gardens to visit in North Yorkshire by Channel 4 and the story behind its founding is so touching! It was a family project run by a father and his two children for the past 23 years, prompted by the death of his wife and the wish to discover beauty and the therapeutic nature of lavender. (The children were only 5 and 3 then so they are all grownup now!)

Not only was there an abundance of lavender but there was a special plant nursery, a gift shop, tea rooms, mazes, meadows, gorgeous ponds, a sculpture park and a deer park.

It costs Β£3 per person when the lavender is in bloom (June, July and August) and we both felt that we definitely got our money’s worth. It’s free the rest of the year, but not nearly as picturesque. 

If you are planning a visit to Castle Howard, the farm is only 3 miles to the west. 

I mentioned on twitter, that I’m training to be a doula and one of the things that I’m currently studying are the uses of essential oils, so I would be absolutely remiss not to mention the benefits of using lavender oil: 

It’s great for calming and relaxing the mind – that’s why it’s a great sleep aid. It’s also a natural way to reduce headache. 

Have you had a good frolic through a lavender field before? 

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  • pretty lavender field:)

  • It was so quiet when you went! Our one was BUSY! Bus loads of tourists came from London to visit πŸ™

  • I think Lavender Fields are the new peonies! These pictures are beautiful. I’ve never been to one but I’d love to visit!

    T x

    • Totally! I remember the lavender fields first doing the rounds a few years ago. Then they went away and now they are back with a vengeance! x

  • Stunning photos, didn’t realise I had a lavender field so close to me, this is only about an hour and a half away, might be having to take a trip next year πŸ™‚

  • ζ„Ÿε—ε­¦δΉ ηš„εŠ›ι‡οΌ

  • Amy Eade

    These are such gorgeous photos! I didn’t realise there was one in Yorkshire, I need to get there while it’s still in bloom!
    Amy xx

  • It’s so pretty! I loooved visiting the lavander recently!

  • eleonora mezzo

    Omg how pretty!!! Every photo is so cute, I love the location and the filter of the pics, nice post
    xx Ele

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    So pretty! I’ve never been to a lavender field or thought about it but I definitely want to now! I used to work for Lush and telling people how many benefits there were from lavender, some people were amazed. I usually keep a tiny pouch of it and tie it to one of the rails of my bed to help me to sleep, it’s so good having a lavender bath too! Great post!!

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

    • You’d love visiting one, I reckon! It was such a calming experience and for days afterwards my jeans still smelled of lavender- it was amazing! x

  • This looks like such a lovely place to visit. Seeing so much purple lavender is so beautiful! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • These photos are too beautiful for words!

  • I’ve seen a few posts about lavender farms as well, and I immediately looked up where my nearest one it – but it’s about 2 hours away – boooo!!! I’m majorly behind on reading blogs (and posting them too) after a week off work, so expect some comment spam coming right up…!! Alice xxx

    • I hope you had an AMAZING week off though! Come visit York next summer when the lavender is in bloom again!!!! xx

  • You know how smells really, really, really link up with your memory system doodacky? Well, I’ve heard multiple Kiwi type people remark at how lavender reminds them of pooping, because of all the toilet fresheners that are lavender scented. I think about this a lot.

    • That’s hilarious. I think most of the toilet fresheners in America, when I think about it, are citrusy? (Orange and lemons maybe?) xx

  • A lavender maze sounds delightful!

    Also I still haven’t blogged in full about our trip to Paris and London last year. Blogger fail.

    • But it will be great blog fodder for when you do! (And I can’t wait to see all your photos!) xx