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hagg wood

Sam once asked me what I would pick if I had to chose between the woods or the sea. It was a really hard choice, and it took me several minutes to deliberate and to debate the pros and cons. In the end, I sided with the sea; though my astronomical element is air, I’ve always been a water child. But that doesn’t decrease my love for the woods at all. One Saturday as we were lazing around on the sofa, I decided that we must go hiking in the forest the very next day. Sam did some quick google research and we found that Hagg Wood was very close to York. 

Even though the most famous images of New Mexico (my home) are white sand dunes, dusty cactus filled swathes and Breaking Bad images, we also have lush gorgeous forests filled with pinon, fir, aspen, spruce and juniper trees. (We are the tail end of the Rockies, after all). 

To this day, I stand firm in my belief that the area around Taos, New Mexico is one of the most gorgeous parts of the entire world. (Just google image search it, if you don’t believe me.)

Because we lived rurally, my brother and I grew up wandering around the forests, playing make-believe in our own personal Narnia. Or if we were feeling less imaginative, making mud-pies. 

This is all to help establish that I love being outside. Maybe I’m not out there showing my physical prowess (of which there is little), but just being outside with a book is good enough for me. In fact, it’s perfect. 

So off Sam and I stomped to Hagg Wood, a coniferous forest just east of Dunnington towards the river Derwent. In the spring time, it’s a great place to spot fields of bluebells. The wood itself is old enough that it was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Unfortunately, those original trees are no longer with us (much of the wood was cut down during World War II for timber). But it was quickly replanted and it’s a thriving eco-system of its own once again. 

wheat walking along wheat fields walk to hagg wood
on tree-lined path me me in hagg wood jumping hagg wood

If you had to pick, what would you chose: sea or forest? 

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