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Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

Happy Friday! We’ve been having very chilly autumnal weather, and I am missing summer already. I heard rumour that we are *maybe* due a September heat wave, and I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed for it. 

10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

10 things that made me happy
>>>Having Lindsay in York was amazing – the 3 days flew by and I wish we could have kidnapped her and kept her here forever. 

>>>We all went out on a day trip to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby. It really felt like we were saying goodbye to the summer. 

>>>We ate dinner at El Piano which has amazing reviews here in York. (They mostly do vegan food but it all tastes phenomenal). 

>>>How could I fail to mention that the Great British Bake Off is back?! 

>>>Harold has started sleeping through the night a bit more which is a relief. 

>>>Sam and I picked some extremely tart but delicious wild blackberries after work one day. 

>>>During the Bank Holiday weekend, I had a massive sort through of a lot of clothes and sent some off to charity and am selling some on eBay. 

>>>I attended the Fever Tree pop up Gin Bar at the Grand Hotel in York and it was delicious. I hadn’t had a sloe gin in a really long time and I am a fan! 
grand hotel

>>>I accomplished my longest ever training run of 12 miles! And I reached my fundraising goal for Beat. But if you’d like to donate to a really deserving eating disorder charity you can do so here: Just Giving 

>>> I had my first PSL of the year on Tuesday. It was worth the wait. It’s my favourite thing about autumn. 

This weekend I’ll be in Newcastle running the Great North Run. What will you be up to? 

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  • PSL! PSL! PSL!

  • Vicky McQueen

    Good Luck with the GNR! I’ve done it a few times before, the atmosphere all the way along the route is amazing, but don’t get too excited at the start and set off too fast. Most of all – just enjoy it!

  • Ray

    The little moments are what counts most in life.


  • Wow, good luck with your run! I’m visiting a little old lady in the village about a typing job tomorrow which could promise to be fruitful but which also sounds like the start of a horror story, so I’m a wee bit nervous about it. We’re also going to see a T-Rex tribute band in Leicester on Saturday night and I’m hoping to get out for a roast on Sunday – the colder weather makes me crave big, hearty lunches featuring Yorkie puds, potatoes in any form and gravy (minus the meat of course). x

    • Your weekend sounds amazing! Fingers crossed on the typing job (though you’re totally right, it does sound like the start to a film) xxx

  • Zara

    I’ve had pretty intense training for netball preseason this week and then back to the craziness of uni tomorrow! Looking forward to it though πŸ™‚ Also cannot wait to have a PSL!!! xx

  • I almost asked what a PSL was and then realised haha. 12 miles is incredible, well done! Reading this list made me really want to go back and visit York xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Best of luck with your big run!xx

  • Lovely post, so sweet to read and loving the visuals, fingers crossed for that September heat wave haha!

    I’m currently hosting a giveaway on my blog, hoping you can check it out,
    Mary x