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I’ve made no secret on this blog of the fact that I’m a summer child through and through. I’d rather be far too hot then even a smidgen too cold. Basically, I can’t handle the cold in the slightest and even the move from London (which I thought was dreadfully cold) to Yorkshire (which I think is abysmally cold) was the equivalent to me preparing for a journey over the wall to fight white walkers.

It required much preparation in terms of layering. I mastered the art of going for runs with ear muffs on (my ears are the part of me that suffers the most from cold) and I learned the great skill of texting with my gloves on.

Luckily last winter was so nicely interrupted when we went to Thailand in January and that break for some heat really helped see me through the winter.

With no such fortuitous trip on the horizon this year, the impending cold weather looks bleak. With one small exception; new clothing. Maybe I’m a preening numpty but having pretty new clothing makes me excited to face even things I really dislike. (See having new running leggings and looking forward to a run just to get to wear them.)

This year, I’m especially excited about my new Coast piece*.

I have a big quilted duffle coat that I wear around for walking and non-glamourous work days (ie most days) then I’ve always had my trusty belted-knee length pea coat for more formal cold weather wear. And that pea coat really lasted me. I’ve had it for, no exaggeration, 11 years. It was great value for money. I’d sewed the torn lining multiple times but the outside kept on surviving. 

But when I pulled it out of storage this year, I realised that actually, though still completely functional, it looked well past its better days. So the carmita faux fur coat from Coast is to be its replacement for glam-cold weather wearing. It’s just as thick and warm as my last long coat, but the added pocket element really helps elevate the coat. 

When I wear it, it makes me feel like I should be hailing a taxi in NYC after stumbling out of a swish cocktail party. And shouldn’t all clothes make you feel like that? 

Coast and Good Life Edits coast coat buttoned coast coat detail coast coat with skirt smart winter coast coat smart winter coat from coast timex watch and coach pocket detail timex watch
Also, I was gifted this gorgeous mesh watch* from Timex. It’s so classic, that it’s become my go-to watch, even though I tended not to wear gold before this. You can have a peek at all their lovely watches on the Timex site. You can also see how other people style their watches by searching #TakeTime on social media. 

In honour of their TakeTime campaign, I’m going to say “no” as often as possible this autumn, and really take some time for myself. I want to treat myself to a massage or even some acupuncture soon! 

I did have to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to adjust the watch because I didn’t know how, but it was a breeze once I had watched it. 
winter coast coat winter wear

What are your cold weather staples? 

***This coat was gifted to me by Coast, and the watch by Timex but all opinions are forever my own.***

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