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Last year before our Hackness wedding fiesta, we took some of our guests out to Whitby for the day. With Lindsay over from America for a short visit I knew that we had to get her out to Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay.

“Dracula” lovers will already know Whitby as the infamous setting of the arrival of the ship that carries Dracula to England. The Whitby cliffs are also the setting to some of the most harrowing images in the book; of Lucy sleepwalking along the bluffs and through Whitby Abbey. 

The area oozes Gothic romance. 

Once we’d found somewhere to park on this extremely busy, sunny day the first thing on everyone’s mind (including Harold’s I’m sure) was procuring something to eat. Sam nicely braved the queues to get everyone’s classic fish and chips orders (minus the fish for me) whilst Lindsay and I secured a seat on one of the benches along the pier. 

After lunch (and after we had all thoroughly embarrassed ourselves after cheering on Harold for his first wee on a leash) we piled back in the car for the short drive to Robin Hood’s Bay. 

Robin Hood’s Bay is a tiny fishing village 5 miles south of Whitby. Legend has it that Robin Hood fought off French pirates here that had come to pillage and loot the village. The pirates surrendered and returned the loot and Robin Hood gave it back to the people of the village and thus it became Robin Hood’s Bay.

I am in love with Robin Hood’s Bay. The second that we left, I hopped on to Zoopla to see if there were any houses in the area that we could afford (there weren’t). Robin Hood’s Bay is pretty much picture perfect. It’s a Dickensian, higgledly-piggledy tiny seaside town. It’s beautiful. 

I’m already planning a Christmas return visit to Robin Hood’s Bay.

seafront shoreline whitby huts whitby pier whitby sea front
colourful whitby huts colourful huts
holcum hole

lindsay and i by sea in Robin Hood's Bay

lindsay harold and i
Harold on the shore
Robin Hood's Bay hotel
Robin Hood's Bay shore

As you can see, it was a great day out enjoyed by all 4 of us. Though, potentially less so for Sam as Harold, Lindsay and I all feel asleep in the car on the drive back to York. 

Have you been to Whitby before? What about Robin Hood’s Bay? 

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Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay

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