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I’ve spoken before about the joys of buying second-hand. For one, you can find unique vintage finds and have pieces that no one else has. You can also find designer pieces at hugely discounted rates. And lastly, you buy high-street purchases without the consumerism guilt (a lot of times you can find things from the current season in store). 

I’ve become somewhat of an expert sleuth on telling real / fake bags and designer goods apart. With a little bit of research, you can learn to tell the difference and know when you’re finding a gem and not get duped. A lot of it involves paying attention to the details (stitching, lining, tags and labels). 

If you’re looking for current season items eBay and Depop are great places to start hunting online before branching out into your local charity shops. (Go to charity shops in more affluent sections of town and you’ll be astonished by what some people give away!) 

But long-time readers of Rhyme & Ribbons will know that I’m someone who loves vintage. The cuts, the fashions the durability: I’d rather spend money on a vintage piece than go shopping on the high street, a lot of the time. 

Enter Rokit for great vintage finds. The vintage chain is based in London, but if you live elsewhere they put a large part of their collection online so that you can browse and buy vintage from the comfort of your own home. 

It was after hours perusing the Rokit site that I spotted an Alexander McQueen scarf. I’ve always, always wanted one and once I saw it, I had to immediately put it into my shopping cart. I also love a good boxy blazer and saw this small Harris Tweed 50s traditional cut blazer and needed it for myself. (Though I promised Sam that he could borrow it sometimes.) 

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***This post is in collaboration with Rokit but all thoughts and opinions are forever my own ***

Do you thrift shop or buy vintage?

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