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Being in Nature Together

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One of my favourite traditions that Sam and I have as a couple, is that we’ve always enjoyed long walks outside together in our downtime. From walking parts of the North Downs Way, to completing the Green Chain Walk in London, big all day long swaths of walking and chatting have always been a part of our relationship. 

In September and October, I always get a little thrill of butterflies, nervousness and nostalgia. I first moved abroad to London in the autumn and Sam and I began our relationship while the air was still crisp and clear. Scenic scenes of England with the autumnal foliage blazing always give me shadow pangs of excitement that I felt when I first left my home country behind. 

It almost makes me feel melancholic – to know that I’ll never “experience” London with brand-new fresh eyes ever again. But throughout my adult life big changes have happened in the autumn. Beside the aforementioned ones, Sam and I first moved in together in the autumn and then years later, when we left London for Yorkshire, we again did it when leaves are crunchy and the mornings are misty. 

These photos were taken along the River Ouse, just a few miles south of York. But we are hoping for some more adventurous trips soon. Now that Sam can drive, we are hoping to save up some money to buy some fairly cheap camping gear and go on big overnight hikes in the Lake District, or even better, the Scottish Highlands. I think Harold will love sleeping in a tent. Maybe a little too much. 

Both of our jackets (and my shirt) are from Lighthouse Clothing, a small company based in Belfast whose mission it is to encourage us all to brave the weather and wander in quality (and warm) clothing. It’s the same brand (and coat) that I wore on our long Bronte trek out into the moors. All their AW clothing is equally gorgeous and you should take a peek. 

This autumn, I want to challenge myself to spend as much time outside as possible, despite hating the cold. Walking for me is like meditation. It helps quiet my mind and leaves me feeling calmer and more relazed. 

back of men's lighthouse jacket full length women's lighthouse jacket his and her lighthouse jacket lighthouse jackets male lighthouse jacket me in lighthouse jacket and top sam and me at river sam and river sam in lighthouse jacket trying not to make each other laugh womens lighthouse parka

My lighthouse jacket*** || My lighthouse top ***|| Boots || Jeans || Sam’s lighthouse jacket*** || Jeans

Where are your favourite places to be outside? 

***The Lighthouse clothing was gifted, but the post is not sponsored. All clothing opinions are my own.****

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