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Being in Nature Together

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One of my favourite traditions that Sam and I have as a couple, is that we’ve always enjoyed long walks outside together in our downtime. From walking parts of the North Downs Way, to completing the Green Chain Walk in London, big all day long swaths of walking and chatting have always been a part of our relationship. 

In September and October, I always get a little thrill of butterflies, nervousness and nostalgia. I first moved abroad to London in the autumn and Sam and I began our relationship while the air was still crisp and clear. Scenic scenes of England with the autumnal foliage blazing always give me shadow pangs of excitement that I felt when I first left my home country behind. 

It almost makes me feel melancholic – to know that I’ll never “experience” London with brand-new fresh eyes ever again. But throughout my adult life big changes have happened in the autumn. Beside the aforementioned ones, Sam and I first moved in together in the autumn and then years later, when we left London for Yorkshire, we again did it when leaves are crunchy and the mornings are misty. 

These photos were taken along the River Ouse, just a few miles south of York. But we are hoping for some more adventurous trips soon. Now that Sam can drive, we are hoping to save up some money to buy some fairly cheap camping gear and go on big overnight hikes in the Lake District, or even better, the Scottish Highlands. I think Harold will love sleeping in a tent. Maybe a little too much. 

Both of our jackets (and my shirt) are from Lighthouse Clothing, a small company based in Belfast whose mission it is to encourage us all to brave the weather and wander in quality (and warm) clothing. It’s the same brand (and coat) that I wore on our long Bronte trek out into the moors. All their AW clothing is equally gorgeous and you should take a peek. 

This autumn, I want to challenge myself to spend as much time outside as possible, despite hating the cold. Walking for me is like meditation. It helps quiet my mind and leaves me feeling calmer and more relazed. 

back of men's lighthouse jacket full length women's lighthouse jacket his and her lighthouse jacket lighthouse jackets male lighthouse jacket me in lighthouse jacket and top sam and me at river sam and river sam in lighthouse jacket trying not to make each other laugh womens lighthouse parka

My lighthouse jacket*** || My lighthouse top ***|| Boots || Jeans || Sam’s lighthouse jacket*** || Jeans

Where are your favourite places to be outside? 

***The Lighthouse clothing was gifted, but the post is not sponsored. All clothing opinions are my own.****

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  • Lovely coats. We have two tents if you ever want to borrow them! One easy pop up one that barely holds two people and stuff, and one giant one with two rooms, but you’d have to be driving for that one it’s pretty heavy. Sleeping bags too! We’ve not done any proper camping so no cooking gear or anything though. We are hoping to get outdoors for hikes more in the next couple months now things have settled down.

    • Ohhh thanks for the offer. I’ll have to take you up on that some time! I was speaking to Emma last night and we need to pin down a date in the new year for our girls weekend! x

  • We’re big fans of getting outside and stretching our legs! And this time of year sure offers some beautiful scenery for a good stroll : )


  • This is important:


    Please say yes.


  • Ohhh you cuties, I love these so much! Lighthouse clothing is beautiful too and I’m such a big fan of the sentiment around it too – it’s all about spending as much time outdoors as possible!! Alice xxx

  • yes, where’s Harold?:)

  • I agree with you! Big changes for some reason are always happening in the autumn so definitely know what you mean about that melancholic nostalgia feeling this time of year. Next time I need a rain jacket and have $$, totally gonna shell out for one of those Lighthouse jackets.

    • They really are lovely. Joules do some really good quality rainwear as well (and Joules have sales a lot!) Barbour is allegedly the best but I’ve never owned one as they are outrageously expensive. x

  • I love the Lighthouse jackets. I was gifted a yellow fisherman style raincoat last year and have been loving it since! Your photos look fabulous, I hope you enjoy a few more walks now with Harold the cutie x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m desperate for a new raincoat (mine is a mens small that my parents bought me when I started secondary school – embarrassing!) so going to check these out. I love walking and getting out and about to, though for me I draw the line at camping!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • I didn’t own one for years (maybe my first 5 years in the UK?!) and having a good one has made such a difference! x

  • you guys look like catalogue models! one thing I miss most is having a season that feels like fall/autumn. we don’t really get that in Taiwan :/ it would be the perfect season for a camping adventure, I think!

    • I’d not miss the bone-chilling damp cold of England, but I’d definitely miss the seasons changing! x

  • I love how Instagram your husband is! I adore my Lighthouse coat!
    Bee xxx

  • I love your boots. They are amazing and a real must-have for autumn.

  • Georgina Grace

    These photo’s are lovely! I love this time of year for going on long walks, and I’m always happy when it’s just cool enough to wear a jacket – I miss it in the summer! x

  • Is it totally cliche of this little American to think “modern Jane Austen couple” when I see these photos? πŸ˜‰ Just gorgeous!

  • You two are JUST too cute!

  • It looks beautiful – I adore spending time outside as well. Long walks are our favourite weekend activity! x

  • Kim

    What a beautiful post! My fiancΓ© and I love to be out in nature too.


  • Awww, you guys are the cutest! I LOVE going for hikes and walks. These photos are so beautiful.

    T x

  • Autumn is just perfect for long walk in the park with the camera. We recently spent a sunrise in Richmond and it was AMAZING! I bet Yorkshire is divine during autumn leafage and your new jacket will be super handy comes rainy winter. x

    • Sunrise in Richmond sounds amazing! Did you spot any deer? x

      • Yes, there was plenty of them. Big families with handsome looking stags. They were so calm around people in contrary to me- I was slightly nervous to say the leastπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  • Oh I’ll definitely check this brand! Sounds right up my alley πŸ™‚ I love your coat! I don’t mind the cold too much, I actually love being outside in the crisp air, but the rain usually gets me lol

    • I can cope with rain slightly better than cold. Unless it’s that constant-gloom kind of rain – that can just get lost! x