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bempton cliffs

When Sam’s dad was here staying with us in York, we filled our free time with him by going out on a lot of day trips and one of the most memorable ones that we went on was to Bempton Cliffs. I’d never been to Bempton and Sam and his dad hadn’t been in years so it was exciting for everyone to venture out. (Plus it’s always lovely to get to spend time by the sea.) 

Bempton Cliffs is an area controlled by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and the area extends from the cliffs at Bempton all the way along the seafront to Flamborough Head. Between April and August, the cliffs are awash in seabirds as over half a million use this reasonably small area to build their nests and let their young take their first faltering steps and jumpy flights. 

Bempton Cliffs are most famous for their puffins, which nest anytime between April and mid-July. We were a bit too late for puffin season, but I insist on going back next year so that I can see those furry balls of joy with my own eyes. Pretty much year-round, between February to October gannets make their home in the cliffs, and the cliffs also have the largest kittiwake colony in Britain. 

I’m by no means a birdwatcher, but I really enjoyed getting to see so many wild creatures in their natural habitats. Even if you don’t particularly like birds, the area is gorgeous. The cliffs look like something from an epic drama (Game of Thrones, much?).

There’s a Β£4 charge for adults to visit the area (children are Β£2). The cliff paths close at 4pm in the winter, 5:30 pm in the summer. 

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Have you ever visited Bempton Cliffs?

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