Simple Ways to Embrace Slow Living

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I wrote during the summer about how I’m a big proponent of embracing slow living. This still holds true, though life has been much, much busier lately than I’ve been comfortable with. It’s all been very fun and exciting things that I’m very grateful to get to participate in or attend, but it’s left me feeling burnt out and craving a good solid week just at home. 

When I look back at my calendar, Sam and I haven’t spent a whole weekend at home alone since the middle of April and I can really feel it in my stress levels. (And to be honest, I’ll be traveling this upcoming weekend as well. but come the weekend of October 28th you won’t be able to pry me from my house.)

Simple Ways to Embrace Slow Living

So here are some small ways to inject your daily life with little doses of slow living: 

  • Go for a walk.
  • Have your morning cup of coffee with no social media / texting / television.
  • Write out an actual letter. 
  • Curl up (without your phone) and read a book.
  • Start a gratitude journal. Or do what I do: I have a paper diary (schedule planner) and I jot down the good things that have happened every day.
  • Baking your weekly bread.
  • Setting aside time to do some yoga (or at least a daily sun salutation.) 
  • Try your hand at growing something.
  • Find a pet (either yours or someone else’s to give a snuggle to – studies have shown that petting animals reduces your blood pressure and stress levels.) 
  • Set aside a Sunday afternoon for making a fancy weekend meal. 
  • Take a bath or do a face mask. 

It’s all the little acts of self-care that can really add up to something bigger. 

What are your favourite slow-living everyday activities? 

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