Simple Ways to Embrace Slow Living

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I wrote during the summer about how I’m a big proponent of embracing slow living. This still holds true, though life has been much, much busier lately than I’ve been comfortable with. It’s all been very fun and exciting things that I’m very grateful to get to participate in or attend, but it’s left me feeling burnt out and craving a good solid week just at home. 

When I look back at my calendar, Sam and I haven’t spent a whole weekend at home alone since the middle of April and I can really feel it in my stress levels. (And to be honest, I’ll be traveling this upcoming weekend as well. but come the weekend of October 28th you won’t be able to pry me from my house.)

Simple Ways to Embrace Slow Living

So here are some small ways to inject your daily life with little doses of slow living: 

  • Go for a walk.
  • Have your morning cup of coffee with no social media / texting / television.
  • Write out an actual letter. 
  • Curl up (without your phone) and read a book.
  • Start a gratitude journal. Or do what I do: I have a paper diary (schedule planner) and I jot down the good things that have happened every day.
  • Baking your weekly bread.
  • Setting aside time to do some yoga (or at least a daily sun salutation.) 
  • Try your hand at growing something.
  • Find a pet (either yours or someone else’s to give a snuggle to – studies have shown that petting animals reduces your blood pressure and stress levels.) 
  • Set aside a Sunday afternoon for making a fancy weekend meal. 
  • Take a bath or do a face mask. 

It’s all the little acts of self-care that can really add up to something bigger. 

What are your favourite slow-living everyday activities? 

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  • I definitely love a bit of baking in the week and also spending some quiet down time in the evenings to read a book!

    Kayleigh |

  • I feel that going for a walk is perfect makes to calm and get your mind thinking

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Laura Emilia

    Great tips! I always feel so much better when I go outside for a run/walk – even if it’s a short one. Somehow the combination of fresh air, exercise and being without my phone works so much better than just going to the gym would do. x

    • Yes! I definitely know what you mean. I enjoy exercising but I hate every second of being at a gym. I avoid them like the plague and always try to fid alternative ways. (Runs, yoga classes, etc) x

  • This is such a timely reminder – especially as we run up to the festive season!

  • Fab tips! Have to agree with taking a bath and popping on a face mask – both can make you feel so pampered yet take very little effort at all!

  • This came at a very good time for me – we haven’t had a weekend at home by ourselves for so many weeks now and I’m really feeling it. I’ve been trying to read a bit in the evenings, even if it’s just for 15 minutes, but I’m definitely going to try having my tea and porridge with no technology. Also really want to make time for a bath soon! x

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Its really surprisingly when you can feel that you’ve not had a good few days at home. I hope you get some relaxation time soon! x

  • I really do have to practice this a lot more!! Thank you so much for sharing your tips!
    Lucie, xx

  • Lovely post Amanda!
    I’m not sure I live a slow life, but I certainly embrace the slower simple things at times, and notice as I get older, that the more I pack in, whilst I love it in some ways, I also then crave a few quiet eves or more at home to recoup.
    Holly xxx ///

    • Slow living will be different for everyone though so maybe simple things are your version of slow living? (If that makes sense) xx

  • Kourtney Reece

    What a beautiful post.
    I don’t even think I know what a slow life is at the moment. I have learned to live in the moment though. With everything going on in the world I try to embrace the little things that I cross paths with and enjoy it. Now I have the mind set of if I want to do something I’m going to do it. The only thing stopping me is me. Your gratitude journal sounds like a good idea. I used to journal a lot, but I got out the habit. I definitely want to start painting again. That was relaxing. I failed at my Goodreads goal this year again, so after graduation I am definitely going start reading again.

    • I only spend a few minutes a day (sometimes 2 max) and just bullet journal anything that happened that day that made me feel grateful/peaceful/happy. It’s really helped give me some perspective sometimes! x

  • This is something I’ve tried to inject into my life more and more. It’s learning to say no for me and realising it’s ok to just stay in! Me time is so important.

    • Learning to say no is so hard though! Just that step alone is major! (I think women are especially conditioned to always say yes and be nice). x

  • Writing a letter is one I’ve discovered since moving. My Nan writes to me pretty much every week and it’s been really therapeutic and calming to sit down and write about what’s been happening over the past week.

  • So true! Now that the Brit and I have moved to a quieter place, I want to embrace slow living more. I love everything to do with it, but I found it difficult in fast pace environments. I also want to start making weekly bread 😀 when we get our new kitchen, right now it looks like a mess haha

  • Miu

    As I am late in reading your post, I hope by now you are enjoying a slow weekend!
    I try to focus on eating when I am eating instead of checking the Internet on the side and lately I am trying to read more and while reading to not get distracted and check my phone.

    • Thanks lovely! It was wonderful to have a weekend in and just have some down time, to be honest! x

  • Steph – Wanderlust Pulse

    I take some time to meditate on a morning to start my day right and end it by disconnecting with a good book. However, I return home tomorrow after 7 months away from home and I can’t wait to be reunited with my dogs and take them for walks! Such a calming experience for me.

    Steph x

  • I love posts like that, we always need reminders that sometimes taking it slow is the best thing to do to find inner peace and relax! I usually have pretty busy days as I’m doing my teacher training this year, so having at least one day in the week where I can relax, have a nice coffee and read a book has become a big step in my routine. Having a bath is also a great one – especially in the autumn and winter!

    Julia x

    • Teacher training must be really stressful! I’m so glad that you’ve found some time that you can set aside for yourself! x

  • Awww lovely tips! I usually have a cuppa with youtube on but switching it for my backyard might be a good idea!

    • But maybe inside with youtube is your happy place! Everyone’s are different, but it’s worth giving a few a try to see how you feel! xx

  • As I get older, I seem to appreciate and crave the idea of slow living more and more. I’m all for curling up with a good book and a glass of something (wine, hot chocolate, tea ,etc.) on my porch. I also enjoy time spent in nature. I love going to the beach early in the morning when it’s not too crowded and it’s just me, sand, sea and sun. It’s blissful.