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pistachio flavoured vegan donut

In 2015, Berlin was named “the Vegetarian Capital of the Western World”. A title that you might not associate with a thriving city that sells currywurst on every corner. So bearing that in mind, I set out to eat well during my weekend in Berlin. 

A Vegan Guide to Berlin

Brammibal’s Donuts
Everything that is made in Brammibal’s is vegan. All the donuts were absolutely incredible and the glazed pistachio one that I tried could have been directly off the Krispy Kreme line (but better!). I’m sad that I didn’t take a few away with me, but they never would have made it off the plane. Their coffee drinks are made with my favourite milk substitute, Oatly. 

Brammibal’s is located at Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin

Located right down the street from  Brammibal’s is another vegan cafe, Rily. (In fact, the entire neighborhood seemed very vegan friendly.) I didn’t have lunch there, but they appeared to be serving some incredibly tasty looking vegan burgers. 

Rily is located at Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin 

Sfizy Veg 
It’s a vegan pizza place owned by Italian expats. The pizza looks gorgeous (you can check out their instagram page) and I’m really intrigued by the vegan tiramisu. Something to save for my next trip to Berlin! 

Sfizy Veg is located at Treptowerstrasse 95, 12059 Berlin

Ever since discovering momos at my favourite Indian restaurant in London (Gurkha Cottage in Crystal Palace), I’ve been obsessed with momos. The best way to describe them is a sort of Nepalese dumpling. (Think pot stickers and pierogi). Momos in Berlin offers some mouth-watering vegan fillings. 

Momos is located at Fehrbelliner Strasse. 5, 10119 Berlin

Lily Burger
This is going to seem an odd suggestion, because Lily Burger is actually a steakhouse. However, they have a whole vegan menu. Now I didn’t eat here, but the lovely Leigh swears that she had the best ever vegan burger here before heading out to see the latest Chamaeleon show. 

Lily Burger is located at Am Friedrichshain 34, 10407 Berlin

Berlin is where the doner kebab was invented, and at Voner, vegans don’t have to miss out. 20 years ago, Voner started out as a mobile pop-up, (satisfying hungry festival goers mostly) but since 2006 they have a brick and mortar base. And who can resist french fries with peanut sauce? (Plus I love their monster logo). 

Voner is located at Boxhagener Straße 56, 10245 Berlin

They are famous for their vegan cocktails (you wouldn’t believe how many of your favourite drinks are traditionally made with egg whites) and vegan junk food (things like the vegan double cheese meatball sandwich and chilli cheese fries). If you’re hungry late, you’re in luck as they are open till 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Chaostheorie is located at Lychener Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin

Daluma epitomises the sort of super healthy food that some people assume vegans eat. (Raw food, cold-pressed juices, superfoods galore). It would be the perfect place if you wanted a light brunch or lunch.  

Damula is located at Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin

Vaust Braugaststatte Berlin
The menu isn’t very extensive (and a little pricy), but people keep coming back for more! I have it on very good authority that their home-brewed beer is particularly excellent! 

Vaust Braugaststatte Berlin is located at Pestalozzistraße 8, 10625 Berlin

Lucky Leek 
It is probably one of the pricier options on this list, but Lucky Leek is renowned for their vegan fine dining experience. They even made it into the Michelin Star Guide. (As a side note, they only serve their set menus on Friday and Saturday, so if you’re looking to spend a little less money, I’d recommend visiting another day. They are open Wednesday-Sunday.) 

The Lucky Leek is located at Kollwitzstrasse 54, 10405 Berlin

Let it Be 
It’s a semi-strange vegan restaurant combination: a burger and creperie bar. However, I can fully get on board with both of those foods! The burgers vary from seitan, to blackbean to falafel – there’s definitely something there for everyone! 

Let it Be is located at Treptower Str. 90, 12059 Berlin

And if all else fails, you can hunt around at The Street Food Market in the Kruezberg neighborhood every Thursday. 

Do you have any recommendations that should make it onto my list? 

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  • It’s great that there’s so many veggie options. I would have never thought that!

    • Totally! It would seem hard on the surface because you see such meat heavy dishes everywhere, but they are there, lurking. x

  • Ooh this is really making me want to return to Berlin! I LOVED Brammibals so much, and I love how varied the food scene is there – so many different cuisines in every corner!

    Lily Burger sounds promising – I’m really craving a good, dirty veggie burger now! x

    • Leigh said Lily burger was so good! She was telling me about it during the interval at the show and I was salivating! x

  • This is ace I’ve totally pinned for my next trip

  • I’m heading to Berlin for the Christmas markets in December, this is such a great resource and I will definitely be using your recommendations to make sure I’m very well fed! Thank you ✨

  • What a great idea for a post! I am not vegan (yet) but seem to be heading that way, and I have recently been reseaching places in my area of Ohio to see what options there are – Germany seems to have some great options! I’m even being brave and sharing some vegan recipes too! Great post!

    • That’s amazing that you’re feeling confident enough to start sharing some of your recipes! I have a few under the recipe tab above > then the drop down vegan.

      I wrote a while ago about trying to be a plant-based eater (most for environmental reasons), so I’ll try to avoid meat and dairy but if I raised my own chickens, I would consider adding eggs back it.

      What’s your inspiration for the dietary change? x

  • I’m not vegan but this post still made me even more excited for my trip to Berlin!
    Holly xxx ///

  • Diana Maria

    I had no idea Berlin was the vegetarian capital of the western world, that’s really great! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Berlin and I think it’s so lovely that they have all of these delicious sounding vegetarian options. We need more places like that here!

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    • Thanks so much Diana!

      PS – I just wanted to let you know that when you click on your link above it doesn’t take you to your lovely blog but redirects you to an American political site. x

  • wow I never thought there was so many options!
    Great article!

  • This is so good! I just pinned it for our upcoming trip to Berlin in December. I’m thinking we’ll have to try the donut place and Momos (I love them too)!

    • Brammibals Donuts are so good. I’m still a bit mystified by how exactly they are vegan but they taste like Krispy Kreme (but better!) x

  • Interesting post Amanda, travelling to Berlin must have been so lovely. That cuppa and donut look amazing too!! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Awesome guide! I was just in Berlin this March and it was incredible! They have such a great food scene. 🙂


  • oh wow, i’m so glad + surprised to hear that berlin is so vegetarian/vegan-friendly! i’m not either myself, but it’s always nice to have something that caters to everyone.

    becky @ star violet

    • It’s really great! Especially at some of the food markets- there’s definitely something for everyone! X

  • Susan Tran

    I had no idea Berlin was so vegan friendly! And I LOVE it! We’ve been eyeing Berlin for a trip recently, but it’s hard to know which European cities cater to vegans. Chaostheorie is totally at the top of my list haha. I would LOVE to indulge in some of those dishes! And the donuts, of course. This list is definitely going to come in handy! Thanks!

    Susie |

  • Thank you for this! Hopefully I’ll get to go back to Berlin within the next couple of years, I’d love to check some of these places out! x

    • No problem Anna! Berlin is one of my favourite major cities and I very much hope you have the chance to go back soon! x

  • Amanda Claus

    You look so cute.We got our dress from Thank You very much! I love the colour, the cutting, the design… fits perfectly… Im sure i’ll be looking fabulous with your design! Thanks Once Again!! Keep up the good work!

  • I’ve just realised that when I went to Berlin, I don’t think I ate a single sausage. I don’t think you intended this post for that reason, but I need to tourist better.