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Travel || Brunch at Singl-End Cafe in Glasgow

desserts at singl-end cafe

When I put out feelers for places to venture out to in Glasgow, the Singl-End Cafe was recommended by multiple people. So Sam and I prioritised brunch at Singl-End Cafe as something to do before we left Glasgow. Because they had some really tasty vegan options, and welcomed Harold with open arms, it made it into my dog-friendly and vegan guides to Glasgow. 

Everyone cooed over Harold when we arrived. Not that I blamed them in the slightest! But I cooed over their interiors. The cafe had one of the most glorious, scrumptious and enviable dessert tables that I’ve ever seen. 

Sam and I were still quite full from our early breakfast at the Travelodge so we decided to split a sweet and a savoury. The vegan cooked breakfast (£10) was immediately decided on. We chose sourdough bread as our toast and the meal came with roasted sweet potatoes, grilled portobello mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, home-made baked beans, sauted spinach and an avocado and chilli smash. 

It was the perfect thing to split. I’m not made keen on baked beans so Sam got to snaffle those, where as I laid bids to the tomatoes and most of the avocado. The sweet potatoes and sourdough bread was split evenly, although I was continually giving Sam’s portion the side-eye. Singl-End even provided a homemade vegan butter spread for us to use on our toast. 

Besides our delicious coffees (£2.85 for a latte), Sam and I also split the rose and pistachio blondie. I let Sam chose the dessert as I’ll eat anything sweet, and I was astonished by his choice. He usually abhors anything floral in food, but the blondie really piqued his imagination. It had just the right balance of rose, so it was only the faintest of undertones. My favourite bites were the ones that had big chunks of pistachio, but that should be no surprise. 

I heartily recommend the Singl-End Cafe. The food was great, the staff was lovely, and it’s really conveniently located near the University of Glasgow (so it was a bit overrun by university students which made Sam and I feel really old).

Singl-End Cafe is located at 265 Renfrew St, G3 6TT

meringues at singl-end cafe inside singl-end cafe desserts at singl-end cafe
singl-end glasgow
vegan breakfast vegan breakfast at singl-end cafe table at singl-end cafe
breakfast at singl-end cafe
blondies and coffee
rose and pistachio blondie

Have you ever been to the Singl-end Cafe?

***This post was in collaboration with Travelodge, but all opinions are forever my own. I want to give Travelodge a big “thank you” for having us all along!*** 

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