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vegan pizza and burger

Mono came up as one of the most recommended places to have dinner when Sam and I were planning our Glasgow trip a few weeks ago. And to be fair, we had some pretty stringent requirements. First of all, we’d like it to be vegan (preferably), and second of all, we needed it to be dog-friendly (non-negotiable). 

We knew that Mono ticked the first box, but we couldn’t find out on their website if Harold would be allowed to dine with us, so we had to do some good-old-fashioned ringing the restaurant to find out. (And by we, I mean Sam, because I hate speaking on the phone. It makes me feel ill.) 

Once we knew that Harold would be welcome with open arms, we hurried along. We started with the sourdough starter, for the simple reason that I am obsessed with sourdough bread (£3). The bread was lovely, but to be honest, there could have been more of it. 

For mains, I had the potato and rosemary pizza with truffle oil, rocket, tomato and white onion (£9). Potato on a pizza? Carb on carb action? Sign me up for that! I definitely enjoyed it, though I found it a bit too stodgy and filling towards the end. It would have sat better in my stomach if I had shared it with someone. But I didn’t. Sam had the seitan burger with mayo, barbecue sauce, mustard, pickles, gem lettuce and tomato with a side of hand-cut chips (£9.50). The burger was vegan from top to tail and it was incredible. I had mad food envy and I had to keep complimenting Sam in order to bribe bites of his burger away from him. 

For dessert, I had the vegan banana split (£5.50) and Sam had the raw chocolate and avocado cheesecake (£5). Sam definitely pulled the short-straw here. We both found his cheesecake a bit gummy and not sweet in the slightest. He soldiered on and ate the whole thing though. I on the other hand, reigned supreme. My banana split was insanely good. It was honestly the best non-dairy icecream that I’ve ever had. I need to know their secret. Because if I don’t learn it, I’ll be tempted to keep going back to Glasgow just for this banana split. 

Meal winner: the seitan burger and the chocolate fudge banana split icecream sundae. 

Because the meal was so delicious, it earned a spot in my Vegan Guide to Glasgow. Have a read to find other recommendations. 

Mono is located at 12 King St, G1 5RB

inside Mono glasgow sam in Mono
sourdough bread
vegan pizza and burger vegan dinner at Mono
seitan burger seitan burger mono
rosemary vegan pizza Mono
avocado chocolate
vegan banana split

All in all, I highly recommend Mono and would go back again in a heartbeat! Have you eaten at Mono? 

***This post was in collaboration with Travelodge, but all opinions are forever my own. I want to give Travelodge a big “thank you” for having us all along!*** 

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  • This looks so good!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Those fries look AMAZING! I had fajitas when I went to Mono and they were sooo yummy as well – I can’t wait to travel back to Glasgow one day and go back here! x

  • OH wowwww I really need to visit Glasgow!!

    Sophie x

  • Those dish look delicious, and it’s amazing to think that they’re vegan!
    Lucie, xx

  • That meal looks DELICIOUS!

    Hannah | Ante Meridiem

  • I love how I’m getting Glasgow suggestion from your posts 😀 I’ve never been there, but I’ll definitely try it soon!

  • I need to revisit Glasgow with all of these recommendations!

  • I went to Mono a couple of weeks back and loved it. I couldn’t get over how good their vegan cheese was, I’ve never found a vegan cheese that melts like that. I had the cheesecake when I went and it was delicious, so maybe the one Sam had was a bad batch? Doesn’t really make up for it being served I know. My partner is a chef and he’s told me things like that happen when people are covering days off and they don’t know the recipe or pay attention properly.
    Love the photography in this post by the way.

    • I’ve just never had vegan cheese that was THAT good before – it’s so excellent! And the seitan was perfectly done too. But next on my “I have to try” list is the Temple of Seitan in Hackney. Apparently their seitan fried chicken is insanely good! x

  • Miu

    I’m impressed you ate dessert after a whole pizza with potatoes! 😀