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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

I can’t believe that it’s been well over a month since I last wrote one of these posts. Time really does fly! I feel like autumn is truly over and winter has begun, although the calendar definitely says something different. I always look forward to the holidays, but I especially can’t wait for this year. I definitely could do with a bit of slowing down time. 

This would have been the weekend that I was due to go to Portugal, but unfortunately I was supposed to fly with Monarch so that trip is off and I’m staying put in the country instead. 

10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently
10 things that made me happy

>>> Since my last trip to Berlin, I’ve also visited Bratislava. It was really lovely and I’m still wading through all my photos and will write about it as soon as I have time. I was supposed to be in Portugal this weekend for some autumnal sun and exploration, but unfortunately, I was due to fly with Monarch so that trip has been canceled. I have a “friendmas” in the Cotswolds to look forward to soon, but no foreign trips before the New Year. 

>>> Halloween this year was wonderful. After 8 Halloweens in London, I had my first ever trick o’ treaters. We had a whopping 5 cute kiddos knock on our door. Harold was dressed up like the Sheriff of Hotdog Town and he stole the show. That and the sausage dog pumpkin that I carved in his honor. 

>>> ‘Stranger Things 2′ was absolutely excellent. I enjoyed it even more than the first series! 

>>> I completed the ’30 Day Minimalism Challenge’. Basically every day you get rid/donate/sell the number of things of the date. So on October 1, I got 1 thing out of the house. But on October 30th, I got 30 things out of the house. So by the time the challenge was completed I got rid of over 400 things that were floating around completely unused. I lot of it was random paper/flyers that I’d been holding on to for no reason, but our local charity shop got a large donation of books that I know I’ll never read again, and I sold a fair few clothes on eBay. 

>>> I had my tarot read and it was absolutely fascinating. I’d definitely like to go back again one day, with more specific questions as opposed to a general reading. 

>>> I had the best vegan cake at Goji in York. It was cardamom and pistachio flavoured and it was amazing! 

>>> Our local library has really been putting in overtime. They’ve had some amazing books in lately, and I’ve been taking out huge 10 book hauls at a time. 

>>> Sam and I went on a wonderful walk through Dalby Forest with Harold last weekend. It was very peaceful and just what we needed after life had been so hectic. 

>>> I’m nearly done with my Christmas shopping. (I’m obnoxious like that) But I love getting it finished as soon as possible! It included making an order with the wonderful Emma Inks, whose Etsy shop I highly recommend! 

>>> I finally successfully created my own sourdough starter and baked my first few loaves of sourdough bread. It was such a slog and an ever-on-going process but I really felt like I accomplished something. (However trite it is in the grand scheme of the world.)

I’m doing a bit of work, but also hoping to make it to our local “turning on the Christmas lights” in our neighbourhood party. What are you up to this weekend? 

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  • O you are good making your own starter, I’ve only every continued from someone else’s and the passed mine on. I can believe how many trips you go on too! As much as I’ve looked at various cheap flights and places to stay, we just haven’t been able to justify the cost this year, so I wont have even been on a plane during 2017! Alice xxxx


    • It’s the random flight times from Manchester + staying in a hostel that made it super affordable. I’ve never spent more than £60 all in on one of my weekend breaks that I’ve gone on this year. (My Gdansk flight was only £9! My train to the airport was literally more expensive! I’m not sure how RyanAir make any money!) x

      • Wow that’s insane! I can see why you head away so often, none of the flights from around us are ever that cheap, and I’ve looked frequently! In the south west we have fewer airports though so I guess it makes it trickier, especially when you have to drive and park at the airport! xxx

        • We’re really lucky up North because of the plethora of cheap airports. Leeds Bradford is under an hour away and it has great deals, then it’s about an hour and a half to Manchester, Doncaster or Newcastle so I’ve 4 airports to look for deals at. X

  • These are some incrediable photos!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • I was obsessed with Stranger Things too!

  • Amazing. I’ve yet to watch the second season of Stranger Things and cannot wait until I finally get around to do it :’)

    Hannah | Wild At Heart

  • We started watching Stranger Things a couple of weeks ago and we love it. We’re just over half way through the second season – it’s so darn good, I’m gonna hate having to wait for the next season.

    • The second half of the second season is my favourite part of any of the series so far. You’re in for a treat! X

  • Sorry about your cancelled trip – what a bummer. We were going to fly to Berlin in January with Ryanair but after loads of trips were cancelled, I decided against booking it – can’t deal with the disappointment. I’ve got a fairly quite weekend – usual early doors at the pub tonight, football on Saturday and then Mr P is working Sunday so I’m planning to attempt a bit of cooking (my second time this week, which as lame as it sounds, is monumental for me). Wish me (and Mr P) luck x

    • I can completely see why – and the way all the airlines have been acting this autumn it was probably a really safe decision that you made! Good luck with all your cooking! Hope you have a great weekend! xx

  • Uu, tarot card reading sounds fascinating! I would love to hear more about it! 🙂


    • The reader talked about how her readings weren’t necessarily physic but more based on unlocking subconscious thoughts that we already have. (Like what our gut thinks when we first hear a card explained.) I loved it. It actually was really insightful! x

      • Very interesting! I want to have mine read too at some point 🙂 Thanks for telling!

  • Aww I’m sorry your trip got cancelled! Such a shame. The 30 days of minimalism sounds really interesting, but a tad scary for a hoarder like me haha. I’m very jealous of your ability to make sourdough, I haven’t mastered it yet! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    • Charlotte, I used to be the WORST hoarder. Honestly! I had wrapping paper that I’d saved from gifts that I unwrapped 8 or 9 years ago, just because the person who wrapped it was special to me. I had more paper and old bills and random junk and it was starting to be a bit much for me. So a few years ago I started to train myself to be better at letting things go and I love doing it now. If anything, I’ve completely flipped the other way and I should hang on to things longer. x

  • ninegrandstudent

    PLEASE can you tell me how to sucessfully make a sourdough starter? Ours keeps failing…

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Ugh it was so much trial and error. The first two I made never got frothy, the third moulded and finally the 4th worked. But it took miles longer to get going than everything I’d read. (8 days ish) . It’s nice knowing it’s in the fridge and I only have to feed it once a week now! x

  • I joined our library recently and have been borrowing loads of big hardback photography books which I have really enjoyed reading.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and enjoy The Cotswolds, love it there!

  • My boyfriend’s constantly making sourdough bread with his own starter so I know how much handwork goes into it! Hopefully it’s paid off and you get some delicious bread out of it 😊​

    Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

    • It was super tasty! I still want to get a bit more rise out of my loaves but each one is getting better than the last! x

  • Zara

    I am so jealous that you are nearly finished Christmas shopping! I normally love it, but I have exams for uni right up until the 20th this year so I feel like it’s going to be a mad dash for me getting all the last bits and bobs! x

  • I feel like Autumn flew past, I didn’t even really do anything for it! I’m so excited for Christmas now though! In fact yesterday I bought a couple of presents and some wrapping paper and christmas cards… i’m trying to be more organised this year so I can enjoy December doing Christmassy stuff! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely month though, and I would love to have a tarot reading one day!


  • I enjoyed watching Stranger Things, but the show I really loved from last year was The OA. Have you seen it? They’re coming out with a new season next year. I like Brit Marling’s films a lot. It seems like that whole crew puts more effort into storytelling then most filmmakers do.

    • I was so intrigued when I watched the OA last year! I honestly have no clue what’s going to happen in the second season! X

  • I’m visiting my dad for a week and a half for Thanksgiving! I would normally just stay a week, but next Thursday, in a city an hour away, a children’s author and illustrator is doing a book-signing. I grew up with one of her books, plus Dan and I bought a new book for me, and another book for our nephew. So it just makes sense to stay a few extra days with my dad instead of driving all the way back to GA, all the way back to SC, and all the way back again.

    Also I started a Harry Potter YouTube channel…

    • Wait – what’s your YouTube Channel? How have I missed this?! x

      • It’s brand-new! I posted my channel promo video Sunday. My first main video will go up tonight. It’s a bit of challenge right now since I’m in Greenwood with my dad (and filming) while Dan is in Cumming with the computer fast enough for video-editing. So I’m uploading videos to my Google Drive and he’s editing them for me after work. Last night we determined that I need to re-shoot 1-2 parts of my first main video, so I have to do that today; he’ll edit tonight, and I’ll upload to YouTube tonight. It will all be easier once I’m back at home. My intention is to post every Thursday, but this week is Thanksgiving, so I want to get the first video up early.


  • I’m midway through Stranger Things 2, we need to get round to finishing it!
    That minimalism challenge sounds like something we definitely need to do, our house is so cluttered, I bet it was so satisfying once you completed it.
    Sam’s going to a wedding in Copenhagen this weekend, so it’s me and our baby for the weekend, I’m excited to spend some time with him and I think we’re going to meet up with some of his baby friends 🙂
    Hels xx

    • The second half of Stranger Things 2 is the better half so you’re definitely in for a treat! I hope you have weekend just the two of you! xx

  • I loved Tarot cards when I was a kid. I think I wanted to be a witch, in all honesty. And I loved the design of them. Ugh. Now I want to design my own Tarot Cards 😂😂