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When we were in Glasgow, whilst Sam was out having a play in the park with Harold, I used that time to explore the Kelvingrove Museum. The museum is right next door to Kelvingrove Park (where I left the boys), a massive sprawling 85 acre park designed by the same gardener who designed the Crystal Palace in London (no wonder I felt at home!) 

It’s both a natural history museum and art gallery. A combination of the Natural History Museum, the Tate and The V&A all smashed into one. The collection has over 8000 objects, and though I spent a fair amount of time inside, I feel that I only saw the tip of the iceberg. 

It’s not everywhere where you can see a Van Gogh, a Gauguin, a spitfire plane and a mummy all in one place. 

My only disappointment with the museum was the fact that Salvador Dali’s iconic work “Christ of St John of the Cross” was actually on loan when I was there, so I didn’t get the chance to see it in person. But because I was at the museum on a Sunday afternoon, I was able to witness the Kelvingrove organ in action, which seemed a truly special moment!

The Kelvingrove Museum is located at Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AG. Admission is free. 

kelvingrove park
me on bridge in kelvingrove park kelvingrove park with dogs
harold harold in kelvingrove park harold curled up on bridge in kelvingrove park
the kelvingrove museum
walrus statues in kelvingrove museum organ in the kelvingrove museum
kelvingrove museum wing heads in kelvingrove museum hall in kelvingrove museum entrance at the kelvingrove museum elk skeleton animals animals in kelvingrove

Have you ever visited the Kelvingrove Museum? 

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