A Christmas Homeware Gift List

me in blanket

Maybe it’s my inner granny, but buying home things is one of my favourite things to indulge in. In particular, all things hygge, like delicious candles and thick cosy blankets. 

In terms of internet trends, the world may have already moved on from the Scandi catch phrases of hygge and fika, but I’m by no means ready to let them go. In fact, I’d like to continue living my life that way forever. I know that you can have hygge in the summer as well, but with these short days and dark, cold nights, it’s always at the forefront of my mind. But it goes hand-in-hand with the idea of slow-living, which is why it’s here to stay in my household at least. 

If you’re far less addicted to the internet than I am and you missed out on all the hygge-hype, hygge is a feeling of cosy contentment and enjoying the simple things, like reading a good book with a mug of hot chocolate indoors on a rainy day. Subscribing to it definitely helps make the winter months more bearable! 

laura ashley christmas

Sam and I have never really had a beautiful front door to be “proud” of. In fact, until we moved to York we never had a door that lead directly onto the street (as we’d only previously lived in flats). I love our little street in York, but our front door is a bit dingy. A lovely festive wreath would go a long way in perking it up. And *fingers crossed* I don’t even think it would get stolen. 

If you look at any non-fashiony winter post I’ve done, you’ll notice that I’m usually in a bobble hat. (I take it off for outfit posts). It might be a bit silly or childlike, but I love my bobble hats (I own multiple) and you would struggle to pry them away even from my cold, dead hands. And if you did manage to pry my hat away, it would be a good thing that I was already dead as I can not handle having exposed ears in the winter.

The Christmas crackers* featured here are from Laura Ashley and are on sale at the moment. It might sound ridiculous but crackers are one of my favourite English Christmas traditions. I didn’t know anyone who did Christmas crackers at the holidays, and, in fact, I only encountered them when I read Harry Potter. So for the longest time, I thought they were another magical thing that JK Rowling invented. So imagine my delight when I discovered that families do actually have crackers every year. Even when Christmas is just Sam and I, I insist on having a Christmas cracker. I’ve only had 8 Christmasses that include them, so I still have a childlike joy when I plonk on my paper crown. 

laura ashley christmas crackers
crackers christmas crackers

I am constantly loosing gloves (and Harold likes to chew on them) so I actually really appreciate when people give them to me as a gift. It’s a marmite present – akin to getting socks – you either love receiving them or you have to force out a thank you. I love them. 

Sam and I aren’t having a Christmas tree this year – what Scrooges! But as we aren’t spending Christmas here, and we think it might be a bit too much with Harold still in his wild puppy stage. (We’d come downstairs to find the tree gnawed to death every morning). So this year we are forgoing the tree. We have some lovely festive branches that I’ve decorated with baubles, but last year Sam and I got rid of 99% of the Christmas baubles that we had. Our very first Christmas together, way back when, we went to Primark and picked up a set of about 50 baubles for a tenner. Nearly a decade later and they were not holding up very well. We actually recycled most of them and had intended to start investing in some lovely new ones this year. But as we are treeless that will wait till next year. So I’m keeping my eyes peeled for good baubles for the future.

I’m a huge believer in candles and I’m lucky to leave any shop without picking up and putting down several candles. I personally believe that it is impossible to leave Ikea without having picked up at least 30 tea lights, no matter what you’ve come in the shop for. This year, I’ve been lighting a lot of the Aldi Jo Malone knock-off candles, which smell lovely, but their “throw” just isn’t very good. You can really tell quality in a candle and the pricey candles really do burn better. My favourite “up market” candles are: Jo Malone, Diptyque, The White Company and Laura Ashley.  The Laura Ashley Winter Fruits candle* is actually on sale at the moment and smells glorious! 
winter fruits candle
lit candle

I’m not hiding anything: I have an inner granny. And my Cath Kidston pyjama sets are some of the favourite things I own. I have multiple pairs. But any lovely, thick brushed 100% cotton pyjamas sets call to me. I’ve loved them since I was a kid, and I still love them now. It’s embarrassing but I even have names for my different sets. So if I’m brushing my teeth and I call upstairs to Sam “Could you please get the Clouds out of the drawer?” he knows exactly what pjs to bring to me. 

We’ve hung mistletoe for the last few years, and this one will be no exception! 

I don’t actually have a pair of slippers at the moment. And as much as I’d like another pair – my cold toes are crying out for them – I’m going to wait until Harold is a bit older. For some reason slippers make him feral. Shoes no. Slippers yes. He tore my last ones to pieces and if he sees them on your feet he goes mad. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s still a baby, and I think something about the fluffy, furriness of slippers flopping about the house makes him think that they are tiny creatures invading his house.

I pack on a lot of layers onto our bed in the winter. So many so that sometimes, once everything is on top of you, it feels heavy. But since I am eternally cold, I’m never going to stop looking for the perfect blankets and throws. I’d really like one of those throws knitted with the extra giant wool, but part of me is afraid that they aren’t built to last. I’ve just received the Payton knitted throw* from Laura Ashley and it is wonderful. It’s thick and warm, and most importantly soft. It promptly made its way onto our bed and it’s already become such a staple that I had to remind myself that it’s a newcomer in our room! 
me in laura ashley throw
throw blanket
laura ashley throw blanket
me in blanket
laura ashley throw

As I’ve already mentioned, we aren’t getting a tree. But I’d love to get some garlands strung up downstairs to get a bit of festive cheer into our home. 

These are some of the gifts that I know that I’d get a lot of mileage out of, so if you have someone else in your life who enjoys a cup of hot chocolate with a book more than a long night out in the pub, you might consider some of these (obviously non-revolutionary) ideas. 

***Some of the items gifted in this post have been gifted. Gifted products have been marked with a * but all thoughts and opinions are forever my own. *** 

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  • I really like your duvet cover! The pattern is really nice and feels a bit festive in a subtle way. What are you guys doing for Christmas this year?

  • That knitted throw is amazing! It looks super soft and cosy, definitely what I could do with since we’ve been having these really cold days! Lovely gift list πŸ™‚ x

    Kayleigh |

  • I spent one Christmas in England, and of course there were crackers at the dinner table! loved it!

  • If it were up to me, I would wear PJ all day everyday!

  • I love Christmas crackers too – such a fun tradition! Buuuut I can’t justify buying the whole pack of six when there’s just two of us πŸ™ I think I might have to do it next year anyway! And yesss Cath Kidston pyjamas! Do you guys sleep with the temps quite low? I feel like thick pyjamas plus flannel sheets might be over-kill…

    • Heating is so expensive in England that we only have the heat on from 7-8am and 6-8pm. So it can get really cold at night! (That’s why we have to layer up- otherwise you’re right. It would be boiling!) x

  • I love Christmas we haven’t had Christmas crackers for the last few years though.

  • That throw looks so comfy I think I’m feeling the benefit!

  • I’m all about the cosy life too. Give me all the big warm blankets. I love Christmas crackers! I was telling Adam, “ooo maybe I’ll take some crackers home for Christmas!” Then realised its an explosive and that probably wouldn’t go over well.

    • You’re right it totally is an explosive. I hadn’t really thought of that before and I’d totally be the person caught out by that in the airport. Eek! x

  • I’m ALL about the candles at the moment! Mantle full of candles with a tiny pine tree πŸ™‚