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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

harold the sausage dog in joules bed

Christmas is just a short dash away, can you believe it? I certainly can’t! And I know it gets old to keep saying it, but I absolutely cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. I’m certainly not one for wishing away time (unless I have a big holiday that I’m looking forward to). So I feel a bit melancholy that this year’s gone so fast. 

But I’m still extremely excited for Christmas and I have a lot to look forward to in 2018. 

10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently
10 things that made me happy lately

>>> I hate to inundate everyone with it, but Rhyme & Ribbons was nominated for the UK Blog Awards. I work really hard on this space and would love it to get some recognition. I’d love, love, love if you voted for me here. (You can vote for more than one person, if you’re torn between a few.)

In other blogging news, I finally had a photo on instagram break over 1k likes and I’m so proud that I finally hit that goal. 
top insta photo

>>> I’ve been overdue upgrading my phone on my mobile phone contract for ages. It’s so nice to have a phone that I don’t have to charge multiple times per day just to get me through the day. Plus I treated myself to a panda phone case. 

>>> Harold has been a very lucky sausage lately, and received a brand new bed from Joules. Isn’t it gorgeous? 
joules bed
harold the sausage dogharold in his joules bedharold leapingharold the sausage dog in joules bed

>>> I’ve wanted another tattoo for ages and I’ve finally booked it in. The super talented artist that I’m going to has a really long wait list, so I shan’t be seen until March, but I’m still excited. 

>>> We had the wonderful Kiwi Emma and her mister staying with us in York for an all-too-brief visit. You can read her post on York here. Plus she definitely captured Harold’s good side. 

>>> Long-time readers will know that I trained at drama school as an actress, and after years of focusing my attention elsewhere, I’m going to be in a play in the new year. I need to brush off those line learning skills. 

>>> Harold also got a wonderful parcel from Edgard Cooper of doggie Christmas dinners. Now he has a special treat and won’t be left out during Friendmas. 
edgard cooper

>>> I finished one of my last big doula training weekends. I just have a bit more of the reading list to work my way through and a few projects. 

>>> The Crown Season 2 was epic. We didn’t “binge” it properly, though we did finish it in a week… Phillip is my least favourite character. Ugh. 

>>> Last weekend, I went on a fabulous trip to London with ibis hotels. I blogged about a bit of it yesterday, but I’ll talk more about it next week. 

What are you getting up to this weekend?

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