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VW van and jumper outfit

I’m usually a dress and tights girl, but this autumn and winter I’ve been living in jumpers and jeans. I think it has been because it’s been so cold in Yorkshire this year (and it’s also super cold in our house) that I just can’t face the idea of putting on a dress in the morning.

But let’s talk about this jumper for a second. Maybe it was supposed to be a crop jumper that I hugely misinterpreted. But doesn’t a crop cut on a jumper completely ruin the point of wearing a jumper. You know? Warmth?


This jumper was so soft to the touch. I’m really weird about textures and fabrics and a lot of lovely clothes I won’t wear because I don’t like the feel of them. This jumper though, ticked all the right boxes for me. So I snapped it up in my usual UK 8 and left the shop without trying it on because I loathe trying things on in store.

When I got home, I whipped it on over my head to discover that it levitated somewhere between my belly button and my boobs. Definitely not the snuggly jumper that I was going for. I like my jumpers oversize. Something you could imagine a kindly old grandfather to wear. I like my jumpers to be like hugs.

Because I loved the feel of the jumper so much, I decided to overlook its glaring fault and exchanged it for one three sizes up, because surely that would fix its lack of actual jumper problems. And it did. I’ve been living in it since then and we both lived happily ever after.  
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topshop jumper
VW van and jumper outfit

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If you rock a crop jumper please tell me the secrets of your ways. Is your stomach not freezing?

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