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Before I went to Berlin, I took some time to research where I wanted to eat on this most recent visit. Since I’d been to Berlin before, I’d ticked a lot of the really touristy things off my list so my priority on this trip was food and theatre. Time and time again, Brammibal’s Donuts popped up on any suggested food lists. 

I love donuts. Like I really love donuts. I love donuts so much that one of the only things that I regret about Sam and my wedding is not having an edible donut wall. (Yep, that’s a thing. Google it.) So imagine my delight when I discovered that everything that comes out of Brammibal’s is vegan. From all the donuts to the coffees. 

The coffees were made with my milk obsession – Oatly Barista. (And no this is not sponsored by Oatly, it’s just that good in coffee.)

I arrived at Brammibal’s at around 11am. Luckily I seemed to get there just in a big lull in customers. Both before and after I arrived it was packed. You can eat in or you can get your donuts takeaway. Because I’d been spending the morning stomping around Berlin and already packed in multiple miles, I opted to eat in. 

I had the pistachio donut, and I also got a boston cream donut to takeaway. The donuts were as flaky and deliciously fried as the freshest Krispy Kreme donut. There are so many donuts I’d like to try next time: the chocolate peanut fudge donut, the salted caramel hazlenut donut, the cinnamon almond donut and the chocolate cronut just to name a few. 

The team at Brammibal’s bakes their donuts fresh every morning, so if they sell out before closing time you might miss out on that day’s batch of donuts. I find it really admirable that they’ve found a way not only to make everything vegan and insanely sugary and moreish, but that they make everything from scratch: glazes, fillings, toppings. 

Enjoying my donut and coffee in the cafe was a slightly surreal experience, as I felt I was back in America again. I haven’t been in the US since 2013, so I’m rarely around multiple Americans all in the same place. But I swear that everyone in Brammibal’s was American! (And a college student). It was like a tiny bit of being home that I’d stumbled across in Berlin. 

Once I’d finished my donut and coffee, I sat there just a bit longer finishing up the chapter in the book I was reading and debating whether or not to get another donut to takeaway with me. The answer was obviously a resounding “Yes!”. I’m only sorry that I didn’t get more! 

outside inside brammibals vegan donuts
inside brammibals vegan donuts donut sign donut counter
vegan donut pistachio vegan donut pistachio flavoured vegan donut
donut and coffee

Have you ever been to Brammibal’s? 

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