100 Simple Pleasures in Life

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Happy Monday everyone! I thought I’d get the week started off on a positive foot by embracing all the simple, wonderful things that can make life really, really good. 

In my ever on-going battle to live life more slowly and simply (and saving as much money as possible), I’ve come to realise that some of my absolute, favourite things in life are some of the most simple ones! 

And maybe your list will look nothing like mine – maybe you’re one of those people who enjoys nothing more than the rush of getting off a packed tube train and stepping into a throng of people at Victoria – that’s okay! Just find what makes your heart flutter and try to pinpoint that feeling in other things.

I’ve said it before, but I don’t want to race through life!

100 Simple Pleasures in Life

100 simple pleasures in life

>>> Going for a long walk
>>> Reading a good book in bed
>>> The first cup of really good coffee of the day
>>> Fresh snow
>>> Getting a letter from a friend in the mail
>>> Singing loudly in the shower
>>> A great slice of chocolate cake
>>> An awesome hair day
>>> Lighting a candle that smells really, really good
>>> Perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes 

>>> Having a long lie in
>>> Spending a lazy weekend morning at the farmers market
>>> Being out in the countryside and breathing deeply (except in allergy season) 
>>> Not having anything you “need” to do
>>> The smell of bread in the oven
>>> Seeing beautiful views of nature
>>> Driving with the windows down
>>> A pet coming up to you and giving you a snuggle because they know you need it
>>> Taking a few moments out of the day to journal
>>> Swimming (safely) at night

>>> Waking up before your alarm and feeling refreshed
>>> Flipping your pillow over to the cool side on a hot night
>>> The first squish between your toes of the sand on a warm beach
>>> Getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets
>>> Writing out a proper letter
>>> Your hair getting washed by someone else when you get a hair cut
>>> Seeing a sunrise / sunset 
>>> A hot bath with lots of bubbles/salts/oils
>>> Ticking something off your to-do list
>>> Reading a book series that’s so good that you’re sad that it’s over

>>> When flowers begin to bloom again and you know spring is here
>>> Giving a really thoughtful compliment
>>> Printing hard copies of some of your favourite photographs
>>> A lazy Saturday binge watching a TV show
>>> The tickle of cold bubbles in a freshly popped bottle of fizz
>>> Taking a moment to watch the stars
>>> Giving yourself a hand or foot massage
>>> Having a good snuggle
>>> Putting on clothes when they are warm from the dryer or radiator 
>>> Picking wild berries when they are in season

>>> Getting a really excellent hug
>>> Taking a nap outside in the sun
>>> Walking through a forest 
>>> Doing as much as possible by candlelight
>>> Treating yourself to a back massage
>>> Learning a new skill
>>> Having a really good stretch in yoga class
>>> Taking a “sick day” from work/school just because 
>>> Popping bubble wrap (maybe that’s just me) 
>>> Finding money in the couch cushions/sidewalk etc

>>> Being able to receive a really thoughtful compliment
>>> Exploring with camera in hand, without an agenda
>>> Dancing around your living room
>>> Holding hands with someone you love
>>> A relaxing shower before going to bed to wash off the worries of the day
>>> Laughing till it hurts
>>> Feeling satisfied after a trying run
>>> Stomping on extra crunchy leaves
>>> Setting time aside to spend the day cooking without pressure
>>> A mug of hot chocolate on a cold evening 

>>> Rereading a favourite childhood book
>>> A digital detox day (or weekend) 
>>> When your favourite song comes on the radio
>>> Painting or fixing something with your own two hands
>>> Walking barefoot in grass
>>> Being inside and warm, but listening to the rain
>>> The smell of a rainstorm 
>>> Having a summery picnic
>>> A really long conversation with your best friend 
>>> Clearing out your email inbox

>>>  Chocolate
>>> Noticing a full moon
>>> Being by the ocean and watching a storm roll in 
>>> Breakfast in bed
>>> Waking up to a clean house
>>> A gentle breeze through a open window on a warm day
>>> Seeing really vibrant autumnal leaves
>>> Laughing when you’re caught in the rain
>>> Reading in the bath
>>> Having your hair brushed

>>> Receiving a text message that makes your laugh aloud in a public place
>>> Planting a seed 
>>> Not having any clutter
>>> Cooking a meal from scratch 
>>> Snapping a photo that you’re proud of
>>> Really hot, salty and crunchy french fries (chips to my English friends) 
>>> Finding a new cafe that you love visiting 
>>> Having fresh flowers (or plants) all over your house
>>> Finishing something that you’d been dreading
>>> Visiting a museum on a rainy day

>>> Not having to rush in the morning 
>>> Waking up in a new place, ready to explore
>>> Celebrating a seasonal change like Lammas or Beltane (and making bonfires, flower crowns, etc with seasonal appropriability) 
>>> Going on a swim and just floating for a bit
>>> Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. 
>>> Not feeling guilty for saying “no”
>>> Wearing a really soft, oversize jumper
>>> Rediscovering old photos of happy memories
>>> Having a good cry
>>> Watching people you love just potter around

What would make your list? 

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