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Happy Friday! We all survived another week. And maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I really do think I have noticed a difference in the amount of daylight that we’re getting. It used to be dark around 3:45pm ish but I swear it lasted well past 4:30pm the other day. Baby steps. 

The weather in Yorkshire has been a bit all over the place, but I’m counting down the days until we get some warmth and we can turn the heat off. 

10 Things That Made Me Happy
10 things that have made me happy recently

>>> I found a new favourite place to eat brunch at in York. They have loads of vegan friendly options and have oat milk for my coffee. I’ll definitely be blogging about it later, so keep your eyes glued to this space. The way you should have them already. 

>>> After talking about it non-stop, I finally saw “Hamilton” and it was amazing. I wrote about it last week and you can read my review

>>> I’m doing “Yoga with Adriene” ‘s latest 30 Day Challenge and I love it. I’ve even gotten Sam involved. Improving our fitness was something that came up when we were working on Hannah Bullivant’s January Book. Because we aren’t getting any younger. 

>>> Sam and I went on a rare movie theatre date to see “Star Wars”. I didn’t like it as much as “The Force Awakens” (and I didn’t see the “Rogue One spin off) but I enjoyed it. What can I say? I like the porgs. They reminded me a lot of Harold. 

>>> I went for my first run of 2018. It felt bad. But in a kind of good way. I just get so unmotivated to exercise when it’s so cold out. And I don’t believe in the gym. (I mean, I believe that it exists, but you couldn’t pay me to go into one.) 

>>> I’m about a year late to it, but I finally watched “Big Little Lies” and loved it. The soundtrack is especially excellent. 

>>> I had a wonderful time at IceLolly‘s “Blog at the Beach” event. I bet it was nerve-wracking to be one of the speakers, but they all did a wonderful job! 

>>> I usually watch half an episode or so of something in bed right before I go to sleep, but I’ve stopped having screens in bed and I *think* it’s helped the overall quality of my sleep. This is by no means revolutionary, and everyone has been telling me to do it. But yea…. I think it works. 

>>> Watching Parks & Rec on Amazon Prime. We are trying to get through it all during the 30 day free trial before we cancel it. (Shh….! Don’t give away our secrets to Amazon!) Sam says he sees a lot of April Ludgate in me. I’m taking that as a compliment. 

>>> I *think* I’ve found a bridesmaid dress for the wedding that I’m going to in America. Hooray! 

breakfast in bed

This weekend I have a costume fitting, trying to squeeze in celebrating York resident’s weekend, and then have rehearsal on Sunday. A busy one for sure! 

What are you getting up to this weekend? 

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