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Outfitting || 4 Ways to Style a Trench

I love wearing a trench coat. For years, I had a red Michael Kors one, which Sam always identified as my “signature” Amanda look. You can spot it in several posts. When it got a bit old and worn,…

Reviews York

York || Afternoon Tea at Bettys

One of the things I was most excited about when we moved to Yorkshire was having Bettys at our doorstep. Slightly sad, but definitely true. On a scale of 1-10 my love for Bettys is off the charts. I…

Europe Travel

Travel || Waterfront in Gdansk

I was fascinated by the history of Gdansk. It’s a city in Northern Poland at the edge of the Baltic Sea with a strong German influence (it was officially incorporated in to Poland after World War II). But in…


Life || Traveling Alone

As an introvert, I like to sometimes joke that my ideal living situation would be as a hermit. But recently, I did something that absolutely terrified me. I traveled to a foreign country alone. Hold up! You readers might…

Europe Travel

Travel || Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk is just so fantastically beautiful, I could wax lyrical about it!  If you’re on a quick city break to Gdansk, like I was, I recommend focusing your attention on the Old Town because there is enough there to…