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Travel || 10 Things to Do in Bratislava

Bratislava is steeped in history and there’s so much to see and do. This list barely skims the surface!  And in fact, it was quite difficult to narrow the list down to only 10! As I wrote in my…

old town square
Europe Travel

Travel || A 48 Hour Bratislava City Break

I had no notions of what to expect when I visited Bratislava for the first time. In fact, I hadn’t really known anything about Slovakia in general. And here’s my biggest ignorant American confession: I only could have vaguely…

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Europe Travel

Travel || Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Berlin

Berlin is a huge city and I always find that it actually makes it a bit trickier to pick out city-break accommodation. There’s just too much choice and you don’t know how good or great value a hotel or…

rotating restaurant
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Travel || TV Tower

I’m slowly starting to wind down some of my posts about Berlin, but today I’d like to focus on the massive tourist attraction that is TV Tower. Every city has one, London has the Eye, Paris has its tower…

brandenburg-gate, berlin
Europe Travel

Travel || 10 things to do in Berlin

I’ve now been to Berlin several times, and I absolutely love it as a city. It’s kind of the embodiment of “cool”. There’s always something new and interesting going on and it would be impossible to not fill your…

pistachio flavoured vegan donut
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Travel || A Vegan Guide to Berlin

In 2015, Berlin was named “the Vegetarian Capital of the Western World”. A title that you might not associate with a thriving city that sells currywurst on every corner. So bearing that in mind, I set out to eat…

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Travel || The Roundtower, Copenhagen

I don’t know why, but I got it stuck in my head that I must visit The Roundtower in Copenhagen. I knew that even if I didn’t manage to see inside any palaces or museums that I must visit…

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Travel || Tour of Copenhagen’s Canals

When I first planned my trip to Copenhagen, I knew that one of the activities that I really wanted to prioritise was a tour of Copenhagen’s canals, for multiple reasons. The first reason being that I love to be…

Europe Travel

Travel || Breakfast at Mad & Kaffe in Copenhagen

When I posted on instagram that I wanted recommendations for Copenhagen, Jaye chimed in immediately that I had to visit Mad & Kaffe. After a brief stalking of the restaurant’s instagram and website, I was sure that I had…