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ABCs of Summer

Today is the official start to summer, so I thought a great way to kick off the season would be to post my annual ABCs of Summer post!  ABCs of Summer Afternoon naps outside in the sun. In a hammock,…


A Gift Guide For Him || Father’s Day Ideas || Ad

***Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Braun, but all opinions are solely my own *** Sam shaves the old-fashioned way; with the kind of terrifying razor that lasts a lifetime but whose blades you change. But even he’ll admit…


30 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Turn 30

I am turning the big 2-9 this year. In fact, my birthday is next Monday. (Hooray for Bank Holiday birthdays!) I keep teasing Sam that I’m now the age that he was when I met him and way back…

Lifestyle Outfits

Lifestyle || The joys of a good walk

I mentioned in my post on the Bronte walk on Wednesday that we covered 12 miles last Saturday. Sam and I are a couple who loves a good long walk. 12 miles doesn’t even feel daunting anymore. When we…


Life || Traveling Alone

As an introvert, I like to sometimes joke that my ideal living situation would be as a hermit. But recently, I did something that absolutely terrified me. I traveled to a foreign country alone. Hold up! You readers might…


#MyWellbeing || Exercise Routine

I was that kid that hated any form of physical activity growing up. Hated it. Each year at school we’d have to run the mile and that would be one of the tests used to divide our year into…