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What I’ve been reading recently

We are halfway through March and I’ve now read 26 books so far this year. My Goodreads goal this year is to hit 75 (I fell short of my goal last year) so hopefully I can get there. You…


Personal || 50 Random Facts About Me

There are a lot of new readers around here so, I thought it was time to introduce myself properly. And by properly, I mean blitz you with some random facts.  50 Random Facts About Me This is me getting…


Musings || Down With Diet Culture

It’s at this time of year, when people’s healthy resolutions and diets are constantly all over social media, that I get the most worked up about the issue of dieting. Especially this year, when email after email landed in…

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Life Lately || Happy 4th Birthday!

What kind of blogger would I be if I altogether neglected my blog’s birthday? Happy 4th birthday to Rhyme & Ribbons! Back in the frigid winter of 2013, I started blogging to occupy my free time and the ennui…

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Personal || Back From Honeymoon

Hello everyone! After 18 days away (a glorious 2 weeks of them on honeymoon) Sam and I are safely sequestered back in York. I can’t wait to share so many aspects of our Thai travel with you. It’s a…


Musings || Blogging with Intent

On the 2nd of January (the Bank Holiday Monday) with Sam away in London, and having the whole day unfold before me, I decided to grab the new year by the horns and create a whopping 36 page blog…