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dog-friendly guide to glasgow
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Travel || A Dog-Friendly Guide to Glasgow

Harold, Sam and I had an amazing time in Glasgow. Not only was it a new city for me to fall in love with (and I really do love Scotland) but the city fell in love with Harold. It…

whitby huts
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Travel || Whitby & Robin Hood’s Bay

Last year before our Hackness wedding fiesta, we took some of our guests out to Whitby for the day. With Lindsay over from America for a short visit I knew that we had to get her out to Whitby…

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Travel || Manchester

Despite being in England for almost exactly 7 years now, I’d never truly explored a lot of the big cities outside of London. So when we had friends who were performing a play in Manchester, it seemed like a…

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Tourist Attractions Travel UK York

York || Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower looms over one side of York. It dominates my walks to work and most walks that I do around town. (Until I get into town proper and the Minster takes its place as the building supreme.) Another…

hagg wood
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York || Hagg Wood

Sam once asked me what I would pick if I had to chose between the woods or the sea. It was a really hard choice, and it took me several minutes to deliberate and to debate the pros and…

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Travel || North York Moors Railway

A few weekends ago, Sam and I hopped into the car and drove about 30 minutes outside of York to ride on the North York Moors Railway. “Riding a train for fun? Are you crazy?!” I hear you all…

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Travel || Yorkshire Lavender Farm

There has been an overwhelming number of posts about lavender fields lately, mostly because the season is drawing to an end and bloggers are trying to squeeze in visits whilst the lavender is still in bloom. My visit to…

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Travel || Forbidden Corner

The Forbidden Corner is a place that I’ve been bothering Sam about planning a visit to for about 6 years now. I first heard about it from my first London flatmate who was originally from Newcastle and it was one…

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Travel || Masham, Yorkshire

A few weeks ago, Sam planned a secluded escape for us for my birthday. I had a few requests: I wanted to be somewhere reasonably isolated, beautiful with lots of nice walks, near a body of water, and eat…

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Travel || Hebden Bridge

Today’s post on Hebden Bridge is the latest in my exploration of Yorkshire posts. I always do a fair bit of research before we visit some place new, and one of the bits of opinion on Hebden Bridge I…