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Wedding Update || 1 month To Go

I can’t quite fathom the fact that our wedding is now a month away. We started talking marriage years ago and have been engaged since February 2015, and at the time, our wedding felt a lifetime away. Now that…

Lifestyle Wedding

Wedding Planning: Colour Inspiration

This past weekend marked one year since our engagement party and our wedding is finally right around the corner. I’ve been quite tight-lipped about any and all wedding inspiration so far, and to be honest though I’ve succumbed to…

DIY Lifestyle Wedding

Wedding || Save the Dates

The one thing that Sam and I have tried to stay really mindful about during the wedding planning process is that we wanted to give the people that were going to have to travel internationally as much notice as…

Lifestyle Wedding

A Summer Engagement Fiesta!

Last weekend, we threw a party to celebrate our engagement. Family who’d been out of the country were back in England, friends who are students had finished exams, it was June so the weather should be nicer. (Which it…

Lifestyle Wedding

Wedding Wednesdays: Venue Hunting

And so it begins. Last week Sam and I ventured out to Stratford-upon-Avon to take a look at some venues out there. Two years ago, I had about 10 blog readers; therefore,  a lot of you might not know…

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Do I have some news for you!

To make an important announcement with preferably with as few words as possible:    My weekend was a bit more exciting than I let on…. I suppose you can guess what my answer was? There just aren’t enough words…