Training as a Doula

Why I’m Training as a Doula

I announced on twitter over the summer that I’d been undertaking a very exciting doula training course that I had been keeping my fingers crossed to get on to. I got many excited congratulations (which I sincerely appreciated), plus…

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Travel Vegan

Travel || Vegan Guide to Glasgow

Little did I know, before starting to research my trip to Glasgow, that it was known as the “vegan capital of the UK“. While there are a lot of options in Edinburgh as well, it’s Glasgow that beat both…

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Fashion Lifestyle Outfits

Being in Nature Together

One of my favourite traditions that Sam and I have as a couple, is that we’ve always enjoyed long walks outside together in our downtime. From walking parts of the North Downs Way, to completing the Green Chain Walk…

dog-friendly guide to glasgow
Travel UK

Travel || A Dog-Friendly Guide to Glasgow

Harold, Sam and I had an amazing time in Glasgow. Not only was it a new city for me to fall in love with (and I really do love Scotland) but the city fell in love with Harold. It…

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Seasonal Eating in October

Hello friends! We’re nearing the end of September and that means that a new month’s seasonal eating list needs to come out.  I know that the first official day of autumn falls in September, but it’s October when I…

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Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Layering up for warmth

I’ve made no secret on this blog of the fact that I’m a summer child through and through. I’d rather be far too hot then even a smidgen too cold. Basically, I can’t handle the cold in the slightest…