Negative Emotions

Learning from Negative Emotions

I won’t sugarcoat the truth – I’ve been horrendously down lately. From paid work falling through, to problems at work, to a mortgage meeting going badly, to visa prices being raised (yet again), to massive self-confidence issues, to feeling…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Black Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

I’ve never been one to hop on trend bandwagons. Whilst I veer into a strange combination of norm-core, 60s vintage and Victorian governess, I’ve never been particularly trendy. It’s not an accusation leveled at me. So up until now,…

Europe Travel

Travel || The Roundtower, Copenhagen

I don’t know why, but I got it stuck in my head that I must visit The Roundtower in Copenhagen. I knew that even if I didn’t manage to see inside any palaces or museums that I must visit…

cauliflower manchurian
Restaurants York

York || Anniversary Dinner at Skosh

Sam and I have been trying for ages to get into Skosh. But ever since Jay Rayner’s glowing review, “clever, delicious and often brilliant” and his endorsement that one of his dishes was the best dish of the year…

Europe Travel

Travel || Tour of Copenhagen’s Canals

When I first planned my trip to Copenhagen, I knew that one of the activities that I really wanted to prioritise was a tour of Copenhagen’s canals, for multiple reasons. The first reason being that I love to be…

radley crossbody bag and tote
Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || New Radley Bag

I’ve two new Radley bags that I am just thrilled about. One because I love the classic plushness of a Radley bag and the fact that they make styles that never go out of fashion. Two because I love…


Vlog || Weekly Vlog #2

I already feel like this week’s weekly vlog is better than last week’s. The clicking lens has been fixed and, in general, it looks less like a ransom video.  Just like I said last week, its not as perfect…