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    Life Lately || Bake Off is back and other Happy Things

    Everyone could have guessed that I’d be ecstatic this week with the return of GBBO. One episode in and I already know that I love Val. What Val lacked in the challenges this week, she made up for in awesome personality. Maybe I just loved her because she listens to her bakes because they “sing” to her, which is precisely something that I’d do. 

    Viva l’ÊtÊ! Summer returned to London with a vengeance this week, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for it. Before this week, the leaves had started to change colours, the evening darkness was starting to seep in and you could almost taste fall in the air. Thank goodness this heatwave has postponed the inevitable slightly.

    I’ve been mega-dehydrated during the past few days and have been going through water like it’s going out of style. I’ve even started drinking a glass of coconut water every morning. The only problem is that I don’t actually like the taste of coconut water and have been drinking it down in one whilst holding my nose leaning over the kitchen sink. How’s that for a picture of my morning rituals?  I hoping to train myself to enjoy it. Slowly but surely. 


    >>> Last Friday, we met up with old friends at the Humble Grape in Battersea before moving on to cocktails at Rise 46. It was a wonderful night, though the price of cocktails in London is eye-watering. 

    >>> One afternoon on a lunch break, Sam and I secured some time together to go explore the House of MinaLima when it wasn’t ram-packed. (That’s the Harry Potter graphics and art exhibition. I took tons of photos so look out for that post soon! )

    >>> After an epic Sunday lie-in, we wandered through the Herne Hill Farmer’s Market. We slept till almost noon. No joke. It was glorious. 

    >>>  We also got to see Sam’s gorgeous youngest nephew for the first time since the wedding. 

    >>> It goes without saying that I am ecstatic that GBBO is back on air! If you are linking up with the #bakeoffbakealong this year, the link up will go live on Tuesday and you have the rest of the week to make your goodies. This week you can bake either a drizzle cake, jaffa cakes or a mirror-finish cake.

    >>> I first read about the concept of “hygge” in the Telegraph last year, and then saw it pop up again in a lovely post on Miranda’s blog last winter. In a desperate attempt to make myself look forward to autumn/winter instead of dread it, I had purchased Meik Wiking’s, “The Little Book of Hygge” and finished it this week. Slow-living, coziness and simple pleasures are things that appeal to my core and I will try to embrace the opportunity this upcoming season. The most interesting section was talking about the appeal of hygge to introverts (like myself) and how it’s a way for them to be social.

    >>> I’ve already mentioned it, but can I just reiterate how wonderful this sun is? The week before, I had broken my Snuggie loose from its summer jail, and I was able to hide it, at least for the week! 

    >>> I can’t stop looking at the kikki k site. Just take all my money. It’s even less safe to venture into their Covent Garden shop.

    >>> We stumbled across the first few episodes of ‘Married At First Sight’ (the US version): perfect lazy viewing, and it has already prompted a good few discussions!

    >>> Plum & Ashby are offering readers of Rhyme & Ribbons 20% off full-priced products until September 30th. The code is: Rhyme&Ribbons

    What are your plans for the Bank Holiday weekend?

    I’m working Saturday and Sunday, sadly, so I’ll be living vicariously through everyone else.  I will, however, be squeezing in some time to do my bake for the #bakeoffbakealong

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