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    I’m almost nervous to wake up today. Wednesday’s huge storm seemed to be a sign of impending doom in regards to Thursday’s referendum, but here we are! I hope all my readers in the UK have managed to stay as dry as possible and safe from any flooding. I’ve written and queued this up just after midnight on Friday morning so I don’t actually know the result of the referendum yet. I’ll be off to nap soon so that we can wake up in the extremely early hours of the morning to watch the votes start coming in more quickly. I’m a firm Remainer, but regardless of what happens no one should crow with victory because the tight race shows how deeply divided Britain is. 

    happy about 1 month

    >>> Last week, Sam and attended Royal Ascot again. The sun hid from us this year, but it was a fun day out nonetheless. 

    >>> I also attended the Laura Ashely AW 16 show and picked out some gorgeous pieces that I have my eye on for when the collection is released in stores. Those 70s vibes are amazing. 

    >>> I have now finished the stretch of time where I work both Saturday and Sunday. From now on, I have at least one of the weekend days off. But on a break on Sunday, I popped into the Nap Station near Brick Lane for some shut eye and it was amazing. It was weird sleeping in a fairly public place, in a room filled with beds and other potentially sleeping people but I was so tired that I did not care in the slightest.

    >>> I had an exciting work night out at Barrio North. The staff took excellent care of us and I snaffled more chips and salsa than everyone else combined. 

    >>> I also had my first wedding dress fitting on Monday. I wrote yesterday about how it wasn’t quite the perfect experience that I had imagined, but it’s so exciting to be a month away from the big day! 

    >>> Game of Thrones and the “Battle of the Bastards”. I won’t post any spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet, but that ending was………. 

    >>> Last Friday, I braved the rain to meet up with some fabulous blogging ladies at the picnic with Mercure at Somerset House. The food was great, the prosecco delicious, and the a cappella group was hilarious. 

    >>> On Tuesday evening, (National Yoga Day!) I got together with some other brave bloggers to try hot yoga at Fitness First near Angel. I’ve done my fair share of yoga in the past but this was my first “hot” experience and it’s probably the sweatiest that I’ve ever been. But it was also quite enjoyable! 

    >>> One of my colleagues has been at home in Belgium for the past week and she came back with a box of Belgian chocolates for me to savour. I pulled a Miss Piggy and ate them all in the span of about 2 days but actual chocolates from Belgium are just too hard to resist. 

    >>> I think one reason I’ve been so stressed (aside from the upcoming nuptials and this being the busiest time of year for work), is that I feel like both of my countries are in times of huge struggle. America and Britain are both so internally divided that I’m horrendously worried about the political state of affairs in both. I’m happy to see at least that in America some politicians are finally taking a stand, and I avidly followed the  “No Bill No Break” sit in. 

    Links I’ve loved this week: 

    John Oliver’s coverage of the EU Referendum 
    Game of Thrones: Where have all the Baddies Gone?
    This Atlas Obscura Article on Wedding Night Games (and then picturing Sam getting slapped with a fish)

    What’s been happening in your life lately? Any exciting plans for the weekend? 

    Updated to add: 

    I was so distraught over the results of the referendum, I genuinely considered taking my post down, because in all honesty, I don’t feel happy today at all. Devastated and depressed more accurately describes my current mood. However, I will keep it up today to remind myself that I will feel happy again soon, but today I will mourn. 

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