DIY LDR Painting

So tomorrow morning (at 5:30 am!?!) is the big day.  The day I have to leave the UK to go back to America to apply for my visa so I can turn around and come back to the UK. (As I’ve mentioned 100 times before.) To say that I am bummed out about it wouldn’t really properly qualify how badly I’ve feel. It’s more like my face turned into Niagara Falls and it won’t stop.  I even have a stress pimple.
The hardest bit isn’t having a set in stone date for my return.  Just a willy-nilly, “at the discretion of border control”.  Anyways, I’d been working on this project for Sam after having seem something very similar here on pinterest.  I nixed the shadow box, the writing and did it one canvas. I’m quite happy with how it turned out although I have to say, England, you’re a lumpy biznatch to paint.
I did two countries but most examples I’ve seen have been different States.
(Finished product, chillin’ on the wall.)
You’ll need:
Canvas (size of your choosing)
Paper card
1. To start with I made homemade stencils of England and America.  I drew them onto thick card and then I carefully cut them out.  I taped them on the canvas and adjusted them to where I thought they looked best.
(I made a heart stencil too because I always mess up free-handing hearts.)
2. I painted the yellow layer over the “stencil.”.  Be extra careful around the edges so that paint doesn’t drip in behind the stencil.  Wait for the paint to dry, and repeat until the majority of the canvas is at your desired shade.

3. CAREFULLY!!!! peel off the stencil.  The area behind it should have remained white.  Take your contrasting color (in this case I used white) and paint over where the stencils where to make your state or country really pop out.  When that’s dry add your hearts.

4. Draw the line connecting the hearts in pencil faintly before going over it in a 3rd paint color.

(The finished product)

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