Once I Too was a Baby

Now there are 100s of mommy bloggers and baby blog posts out there.  Congratulations! (And I don’t mean that sarcastically at all)  But let’s talk about another baby.  Baby Me. And how I blatantly looked like a boy so my parents had to dress me in the most feminine clothing possible to prevent confusion.

(So little and so angry.  Nothing has changed really.)
(I am kind of creeped out by this giant pink bunny.  It seriously looks like a reject from the Donnie Darko script. It has mean eyes, right?
No, I don’t match it on purpose.  I just only wore pick for about 12 years.)
(I make fun of some of my friends babies by saying that they look like gremlins. Secretly though, I was the original gremlin.)
(My mom and I look a lot alike. So if you squint then it looks like me holding my baby self.
My baby self looks like it is plotting something.)
I have friends that can actually remember when they were toddlers.  I barely remember high school.  Tell me there are other people that have these big blank spaces in their childhoods. Right?

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