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More visa heartache

Let’s be honest today. I am really, really bummed out. My plane SHOULD have landed in the UK in the early hours of the morning and I should be reunited with Sam as I type this.

But long story short, my visa is still not here. So we’ve pushed my flight back an additional two weeks.(Which means I am missing a school friend’s wedding in London this weekend.) Nothing has gone smoothly through this journey at all. First we had issues with Sam’s taxes. When we finally got that straightened out we submitted my application. A few days short of one month after we submitted it, we heard that they had misplaced my priority application which was why I hadn’t heard anything, but not be too stressed as they’d now found it and assigned it to an Entry Clearance Officer to process.

Well, that was over a week ago and still….nothing. Deathly quiet. At this point in time I am just sick and tired of waiting….. And then yesterday I received an email “apologizing for the delay in receiving my decision but they are waiting on an update from another government office.” This struck fear into my heart. If my visa had gone smoothly then they wouldn’t have needed to talk to a different department. So what are they investigating? What’s gone wrong?

If they’re going to reject my application I just want to know it so that we can start devising other plans. And if they’re going to request more papers I want to get them in asap. At this rate, I won’t be on the flight at the end of the month either.

I haven’t had it off my mind for the past 3 months. No matter what I do it’s there lurking in the background. I’m tired of thinking, “Maybe I’ve finally received an email!” as soon as I wake up  in the morning just to be disappointed yet again. I’m also really scared that my agent is going to drop me from their client list if my return keeps getting delayed. Talk about a massive step backwards in my acting career. But mostly I want to be reunited with this jerk face:

It’s been really hard not to be bitter about everything over the past few months. I feel like I’m being punished for falling in love with someone from a different country. Or that it is our fault that we took our relationship so seriously. According to the new visa rules 47% of UK citizens would not qualify to sponsor a spouse or partner. That’s almost half of a country. If your laws are potentially permitting half of your country to live with who they love then you seriously have problems.
Anyone interested in this controversy or thinking about moving to the UK needs to read this  article published by the BBC on Monday. An estimated 18,000 people in England are going to be separated from their families this year due to these unjust rules. (If you’re a Brit reading this blog, I beg you to do some research and write to your local MP.)
Fingers crossed that I’ll be on that damn plane on the 26th.


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  • Sammie

    I really hope you get that email soon. My heart aches for you reading this; my relationship with my husband began as long-distance (although we at least lived in the same country) so I fully understand how hard it is to be so far from someone you love. My fingers and toes are so tightly crossed for you. ♥

  • Makes me sad to see this post. I am praying and crossing my fingers that things work out for you and that they work themselves out soon. 🙁 xx

  • Kate Mitchell

    I’m so sorry to read this. I hope that it all gets fixed soon and that you’re on that plane on the end of the month!


  • Not only am I devastated for you but that article is heart shattering. It really confuses me too because I’ve read through it quickly trying to make sense of all the ‘fine print’ of the new visa laws. Ugh I hope you find out very soon that they dont need anything else and that you are all set to come back in a couple of weeks.


  • Staci

    Oh girl I am so sorry! I never realized what a hassle this must be…fingers crossed for you!

  • As soon as I read the title of your post, my heart sunk for you. I’m so sorry that you have to go through all of this. I was really hoping you’d be reunited with Sam before you knew it. I’m going to continue to hope the best for you and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) reading good news soon!

  • I am so sorry you are going through this, and I totally understand the frustration! I will write to my local MP about the changes (although they do not affect me as I am going to the US) as it is heartbreking. The misery being away from the one you love is truly awful (I cannot wait for my visa process to end) so hang in there and keep going.

    Molly @ The Move to America

  • Maggie

    Oh darling, I am so sorry. That is so hard and I wish I could give you a great big squeeze. It really is insane the hoops that they make you jump through, I hope that all this nonsense gets sorted soon and that you can cuddle up with your man in two weeks.
    I am sending you all my best wishes, I know everything will work out for you soon.

  • Amy @ The Tide That Left

    Oh this much just be a complete kick in the gut. I really hope it gets resolved. I take it you can’t enquire as to what the delay is?

  • I know this dates from last year but I had to comment! I’m currently home in Canada waiting to apply for a visa to go back to the UK as well, after being kicked out after my degree, and although it’s harsh to read what you’ve gone through it just represents a bit of what I’m living. Sometimes expat blogs make it look so easy ‘yep I picked up and moved away’ like visa issues weren’t a problem and this feels more like my reality. So thank you for sharing!

    • I completely understand that frustration! my visa journey was not pleasant at all. I do think that some expats can have genuinely easy processes. If they have lots of money it definitely makes it easier; different jobs make it easier; being the the armed forces means your family doesn’t go through the same sort of paperwork; plus different countries are easier than other- so it’s a really varied and personal process. BUT. I hated every moment of mine. And that’s not just a privileged “first world problem” because we had reasons to worry that my application would be rejected and we’d have to appeal, etc. The idea that I have to do it again in a year and a half sends shivers down my spine. Good luck with yours! I’m always hear to talk if you need to vent!!!! xxxx

      • Yeah I forget that people apply for visas in different situations. It is very frustrating to go through this process like you said. It just feels like such bureaucratic nonsense sometimes as well. I had a question once for my application and if I wanted to call to ask a question it was basically 5$ a minute to call. Ridiculous! Oh no you have to do it again? Gosh doesn’t it feel like you just have to keep jumping through hoops. Anyhow, thanks for listening to those small rants! It’s good to know there is someone out there who understands! 🙂

        • Definitely! If at all possible, try to not think about it after you submit it! (I know that’s easier said than done) x